Chiofaro remains dedicated to ‘Blueway’ vision for waterfront

It was with great interest that I read Jon Chesto’s recent piece on the New England Aquarium, its CEO, Vikki Spruill, and the institution’s evolving mission and ambitious master planning efforts (“Aquarium wades into the climate-change battle,” Business, July 9). We at The Chiofaro Company commend the Aquarium for its leadership on issues of climate change, and we share its aspiration to transform Central Wharf into a model of sea-level rise adaptation and resiliency. Between the Aquarium’s planned expansion and our own forthcoming redevelopment of the Harbor Garage site, we obviously have a common financial interest in this endeavor, but more than that, we are also linked by an abiding commitment to the future of the neighborhood, city, and region we call home.

The Chiofaro Company remains dedicated to playing an integral role in the realization of the “Blueway” vision, and we are excited about the potential for our related $10 million offset contribution to serve as a catalyst for the Aquarium’s broader fund-raising efforts. We look forward to collaborating with the many stakeholders who care about our city and our harbor — including Harbor Towers and the Conservation Law Foundation — to deliver a project that honors our shared objective of a more accessible and resilient waterfront and a greener tomorrow.


Don Chiofaro