Re “The big number: 353,633,660” by Aimee Ortiz (Ideas, Aug. 4): “Reforestation” — what a refreshing word to hear. It is wonderful to see Ethiopia’s citizens working together to plant more than 350 million trees as a part of their government’s “Green Legacy” campaign. I am impressed by all the driven individuals who went out last month and got to work so that the rest of the world can breathe easier.

Meanwhile, back in the United States, many politicians dwell in arrogance, thinking human quarrels come before this planet. It is past time for America to make a decision: Inspire the world as a sustainable country, or let global warming trot over future generations.


While we wait for our government to get on board with sustainability, other nations are covering for our shortcomings. I am glad to see that so many people in Ethiopia care for this planet with the understanding that we are all connected, suffering and benefiting from one another’s actions. On behalf of the world, I thank them. We are all better off for their efforts.

Lauren Kirk