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This is a battle for the soul of our country

As the country mourns yet another horrific racially motivated attack, I hope we are brave enough to recognize the truth: This is bigger than El Paso, and bigger than Donald Trump. It is a symptom of the deeply entrenched racism that exists in this country. And we must all join together to eradicate this disease.

I know teachers who haven’t discussed current events in two years because conservative parents accuse them of “indoctrinating” their children. I know friends who have been told to “go back where they came from.” And I know, as the white daughter of a Mexican citizen, that no one has ever said this to me.


Not all Americans are racist. Liberals must resist conflating conservatism with racism. And conservatives must continue to recognize and root out racism in their ranks.

Whatever it meant at the time, the spirit of the Declaration of Independence proclaims all to be equal — not just Americans. Yes, some non-Americans enter our country illegally, but that is a separate issue. The color of one’s skin does not constitute probable cause. We must stop attacking each other and start attacking the problem. This is a battle we cannot win if we stand alone.

Nicole Sanderson