Josh Gordon wants privacy — and he deserves it


I was disappointed in Ben Volin’s article “In search of Josh Gordon” (Sports, Aug. 12). Gordon is a pro football player who appears to be trying his best to recover from mental health and substance abuse problems. He deserves the privacy to do so. He is an immensely talented young man, and his struggle with substance abuse is a tragedy. But he has chosen to stay out of the public eye and work on his issues in private. It is disappointing that Volin seemed to think that the story is more important than the individual.

I am a diehard Patriots fan who goes to training camp every year and attends games when I can get a ticket. I really enjoyed watching Gordon perform spectacular feats as a receiver. But I understand that substance abuse is a tough thing for some people to quit. I would love to see Gordon play for the Patriots again. But whether or not he ever plays in another football game, I think it is more important for him to be able to get his life together.


Let him heal. He will talk if and when is ready.

Bob Weiman