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The stakes for 2020 are not just high, they’re dire

Nicole Sanderson (“This is a battle for soul of our country,” Letters, Aug. 12) makes an excellent point that racism is deeply entrenched in this nation. It is, and it is a serious problem. But the danger to our nation and its citizens is far worse than Sanderson suggests. Clearly, we are in troubled times, teetering on the cusp of something very frightening. People are running scared. I’m scared too. If Donald Trump is given another term in office, it is almost certain that we will lose our democratic institutions.

With another term in office, Trump will have packed the Supreme Court, turned the Justice Department into his own set of henchmen, converted the Senate Intelligence Committee into a lapdog, eviscerated the independence of the FBI, and launched a full-scale attack on the freedom of the press. And if this happens, what will we have done to our children and grandchildren? We will have lost their freedom.


This is no time to be a summer soldier or sunshine patriot. We all need to step up and volunteer to do something to prevent Trump from being reelected.

Richard Sutherland

Winter Haven, Fla.