Re “There is no good case for D.C. statehood” (Opinion, Aug. 11): As a resident of the District of Columbia who is living in Massachusetts, I found Jeff Jacoby’s column to be offensive and tone-deaf. First, the idea that people should simply leave the District if they are upset about disenfranchisement ignores those low-income residents for whom moving is simply not an option. On top of that, why should those who are disenfranchised resort to uprooting their lives to appease the very system that oppresses them?

Second, Jacoby apparently does not know the fraught history of the District, and how its abortion clinics, needle exchange programs, and gun laws have been eviscerated by Congress over the years. “Taxation Without Representation” isn’t just a catchy slogan; it’s a reminder that the values we’ve fought for since the Revolution aren’t realized.


The last time we checked, favorable Gallup polls, square mileage, and population density are not requirements for statehood. The truth is, arguments like these are just a glaring reminder that there will always be those willing to justify injustice.

David Fadul