Re “Pot edibles ending up in kids’ hands” (Page One, Aug. 17): I have been smoking pot since the 1960s. Now, as a retired person, I’m glad to see the legal status of marijuana is finally being made appropriate to its risks.

But once again, commercialism has trumped common sense, with the proliferation of foods infused with cannabis.

If there’s money to be made, which certainly there is, then some people are going to go all out to make a profit regardless of the ethical considerations.

Back in the day, if we wanted to consume our pot in food, we’d make brownies or some other edible.


All these cookies, vaping pens, oils, and other delivery systems today provide way too many dangerous options.

But gummies? Give me a break.

As the saying goes, “What could possibly go wrong?” Well, we’re seeing exactly what can go wrong.

The only thing that should be for sale is “flower” — the bud itself. Then, along with that, they could offer cookbooks so that consumers can create their own edibles. That bit of extra effort just might make people stop for a moment and think of the consequences of leaving drugs in places available to their kids. Not to mention pets.

Rick Cutler

West Barnstable