Re “Commerce chief threatened firings at NOAA” (Page A2, Sept. 10): Who but a self-hypnotized, diehard follower could possibly believe Donald Trump when he said, “I don’t know,” in response to questions over who misrepresented an outdated Hurricane Dorian weather map with a Sharpie pen, his favorite writing instrument?

It’s a federal crime to falsify an official weather forecast, especially one concerning potential matters of life or death. And it is beyond Orwellian to compound such as crime by having Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, a consummate Trump sycophant, threaten to fire weather service staff unless they supported Trump’s lies, to avoid bruising the weatherman in chief’s delicate ego.


Meanwhile, Trump launches into a familiar persecution diatribe, outrageously seeking an apology from the news media for exposing his lies, while he utters nary a word about Dorian’s real victims: Bahamians who’ve lost everything. (Could that be because they’re black?)

We are living out a version of “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” but with no end in sight, because not one Republican of any supposed moral authority (this means you, Robert Mueller, and you too, James Mattis) is courageous enough to play the role of the child in the fable and finally blurt out the truth: that Trump’s ubiquitous criminality is that of a garden-variety fascist, requiring his immediate removal from office.

Bryan L. Tucker

Jamaica Plain