Kennedy’s quest would divert Democrats from greater goals

Re “Kennedy set to announce Senate run” (Page A1, Sept. 19): I’m very sorry that Representative Joseph P. Kennedy III is choosing to run for the Senate seat held by Edward J. Markey. We have an aberration in the White House, and it is imperative for our democracy that Democrats do two things: Elect a new president and take over the Senate.

Kennedy’s quest will advance neither of these goals. In the 2018 elections, almost everyone I know was working for good candidates from other states because we were satisfied with our elected officials here and wanted to change what is going on in our country. We need to keep that energy, money, and support focused on all the other candidates and issues and policies that are out there. Kennedy will be draining resources away from this effort. A Kennedy win simply would replace a very good Democratic junior senator with a younger Democratic senator with less seniority.

I hate to think that Kennedy is putting his own ambitions ahead of our country’s safety, health, and democratic form of government at this critical point in history. Sadly, I would not be able to vote for him.


Susan Rothstein


Ambition is getting better of Kennedy

Joe Kennedy is an ambitious young man with quite a pedigree in politics, but sometimes ambition clouds good judgment. Such was the case for my representative in the House, Seth Moulton, a good guy who moved too fast and has had to regroup. Ed Markey is a good public servant, both for Massachusetts and the nation, and Kennedy should respect that and not divide an already fragile Democratic Party.

Saul P. Heller


How does Markey’s anti-nuke stance sit with the climate crowd?

It is interesting to note that Senator Ed Markey is being supported by those who deem climate change important (“Young activists on climate may be Markey’s secret weapon,” Page A1, Sept. 18). Do they realize that Markey has been in constant and strident opposition to nuclear power, the one extant technology that can substantially reduce society’s carbon footprint?


Thomas G. Dignan Jr.

Estero, Fla.