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Latest Headlines in Letters

People with intellectual and developmental disabilities joined others receiving COVID-19 vaccinations at the Kirbrae Country Club in Lincoln, R.I., in February.

We need to do more to include people with disabilities in measure of health care quality

Health care providers and payers often do not have the information they need either to inform the care and accommodations of their disabled patients or to direct improvement efforts.


State will have its metrics — people and their caregivers, meanwhile, will have their daily challenges

What would be refreshing, almost humane, would be a consideration not only of the individuals seeking care but also of their caregivers and the value that provider-recommended treatments bring to the entire family constellation.

A view of the Northern Avenue Bridge in August 2018.

Fort Point Channel floodgate . . . Northern Avenue Bridge . . . think of the possibilities

Such a combination would make two very useful areas of development into one world-class project, greater than the sum of its parts.


Thank you, grateful ones

Saturday’s Readers’ Forum on gratitude encompassed all it means to be human in this world.

Tess Wheelwright, the Freedom Reads deputy director, and founder Reginald Dwayne Betts checked out the new library at MCI-Norfolk.

Prison libraries and classes are key markers in paths that diverge

The vast majority of students were respectful, good-natured, and friendly, and in their studies many were bright or curious or diligent (sometimes all three), often much smarter than me, and, on occasion, nothing less than brilliant.

Paola Dionisio, a student at the University of Massachusetts Boston, translates letters written in Spanish at Globe Santa.

Throughout her childhood, Globe Santa coin bank sat on the kitchen counter year round

I still remember the lessons I learned from that annual tradition: that we should keep those in need in our hearts all year round, that children benefit from being taught to share, and that small contributions can add up to make big differences in the lives of others.

An image of two closed doors at a school to go with story about inequality in K-12 schools.

Diversity, personnel, and power: Report takes hard look at K-12 school leadership

District and school leaders will need to display strong leadership and commitment to a clear vision of why educator diversity matters.


Manchin looks the other way as the damage is done

The 50 senators who make up the Democratic caucus could vote to ignore the filibuster and outlaw partisan gerrymandering, but Manchin refuses.