Michael A. Cohen

Why isn’t caging kids a line in the sand?

If Republicans are willing to accept the forced separation of children from their parents, they are willing to accept a lot worse.


To those who know refugee women’s conditions well, Sessions’ policy is painfully wrong

“Under US and international law, our country is obligated to provide refuge to women.”


Can’t children’s care be something we all agree on?

“We must do this not only for the sake of the children, but also for ourselves.”


As both Quincy resident and Boston service provider, she welcomes bridge to Long Island

“Our communities are strongest when we open our arms to those who need compassion, support, and assistance the most.”


Charity for poor stands by its works

Food for the Poor is challenging the California attorney general’s action surrounding its accounting.

Opinion | Rachelle G. Cohen

Misguided millionaires tax was a nonstarter

Massachusetts just dodged the economic bullet of the so-called millionaires tax.


Laura Bush and Melania Trump break through the madness on immigration policy

Two mothers became the voice of reason over children being torn from their parent’s arms and sent to mass detention centers.

Opinion | Niall Ferguson

The EU melting pot is melting down

The issue of migration will be seen by future historians as the fatal solvent of the EU.

Opinion | Margery Eagan

How immigration policy has affected one mother and her child

In Everett, a mother and her son are trying to stay together, despite a draconian immigration policy.

Opinion | Janelle Wong and David Silver

Telling the wrong story about racial discrimination in education

A lawsuit against Harvard supports a false narrative about discrimination in college admissions.

Alex Beam

Are we doomed?

Is there any hope for civilization?


Without Conservation Law Foundation fighting, developers would hold sway

“Yes, they play hardball and litigate. But so do developers, and with a lot more resources.”


Looking to military for lessons on getting along

Readers reflect on an Ideas piece about how the military may help close the divide between red and blue states.


In the club sandwich, a bitter aftertaste of American elitism

“The club sandwich’s place in the United States should not be boiled down to privileged poolside living.”

Ideas | The Big Tech Issue | Letters

How tech’s tendrils have gotten into readers’ lives

For the Ideas section’s special issue on big tech, readers wrote about the impact of technology on their lives.


New England Patriots show their patriotism

Three Patriots are scheduled to moderate a June 19 event to address social justice issues.


Pride, prejudice — and progress

Progress is cited in the path to equality for the LGBTQ community, but the effort continues.

Michael A. Cohen

Trump opens his mouth — and spews lies

His Friday press conference was a cavalcade of lies, mischaracterizations, and breathtakingly inappropriate statements.


The pipe dream to help Dreamers

The Republican House members who had been pushing for a common-sense, humane immigration plan have caved to House leadership and the Trump administration.

Opinion | Anne Bernays

Life’s important trade-offs

In the end, you either yield to a trade-off or risk wilting on the vine.

Opinion | Viveca Stucke

Shootings have made schools a place of ‘panicked fear’

“An act of gun violence taking place within my own world is one of my big fears,” wrote a Bourne eighth-grader.

Opinion | James C. Graham

My father, the priest

The church was intent on disguising my origin. It stonewalled me for years.


A crisis is at hand in soaring rates of suicide

Suicide rates are on the rise both in Massachusetts and across the country.


Regional transit approach should embrace the whole Commonwealth

“The fates of our residents are intertwined, and few challenges of civic life demonstrate this as clearly as transportation does.”


MLK memorial has to be tied to action, not just symbolism

“It’s worth noting that King himself eschewed the kind of memorial that would simply recognize his many achievements.”


Don’t break up Google — the market will sort everything out

Sooner or later, every Goliath is displaced by a David. That goes for Google, too. And it won’t require government intercession to make it happen.

ideas | the big tech issue

In the YouTube era, can we still savor music?

Music used to be something you could touch. What does it mean to lose that connection?


The case for breaking up Google

Never in the history of the world has a single company had so much control over what people know and think.

Opinion | Charles Taylor

Blunt talk about Trump and his supporters

When it comes to talking about Trump and his supporters, “fascism” is not too extreme a word.

Opinion | James Muller, Philip Lederer, and John Pastore

After the summit, the threat of nuclear war remains

Last year, nuclear-armed nations opposed the UN Treaty on Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. It’s time for them to sign.


Second thoughts about a diplomatic first

In Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong Un, some are wary, others see progress, and still others see folly.


Realtors question value of mandating home energy audits

“These government ratings would be applied to . . . older existing homes in the state, and possibly stigmatize whole neighborhoods.”


Trump’s trade war — against newspapers

“He may very well be aware that the tariff will harm newspapers. That may be part of the motivation for it.”


Mark Sanford lost his seat, but not his honor

Running against Trump cost Sanford his congressional seat. But it also allows his transformation from cheating husband to principled politician.

Opinion | Michael D’Antonio

The depth of a salesman

The depths to which President Trump was willing to go show that it’s Kim Jong Un who knows the art of the deal.

Opinion | David Daley

Voters are taking on the challenge to make elections more fair

Nationwide, voters are pushing nonpartisan referendums to address gerrymandering, access to the polls, and voting methods.

Michael A. Cohen

President Trump gives Democrats a political gift on Obamacare

It’s hard to understand why Republicans would want to go back to this poisonous well once again.

Michael A. Cohen

A propaganda win for Kim Jong Un

North Korea wanted the respect that came with being seen as equals to the United States. And Trump delivered.


Trump nailed the stagecraft in Singapore, but where’s the substance?

One thing is clear: President Trump has altered the nature of the US relationship with North Korea.


A tower project looms over Boston’s waterfront

With a state nod, an expanded Harbor Garage advances closer to reality.


A bit of a reach in looking for portent in Kate Spade’s suicide

“Why is there an entire article about the stresses of women building their own businesses in response to Kate Spade’s suicide?”


Robocalls are an intolerable abuse of a vital telecom system

“I remember a time when, if the telephone rang, it was someone who knew you.”

Renée Graham

The Supreme Court aids and abets voter suppression

The right to vote should be recognized as sacrosanct by every American, regardless of politics.


Breaking up families at the border is cruel and un-American

President Trump’s new “zero tolerance” policy at the border is taking a cruel toll.


Trump’s wrenching border policy sparks outcry

Liz Goodwin’s portrait of families separated at the border prompted readers to decry the Trump administration’s policy.


Treating addiction with drugs — a life very much worth living

“He began to weep, and acknowledged how close he has come to never having the feeling of his son hugging his leg.”

Dan Wasserman

After a bumpy G-7, Trump seeks new allies

The president alienated many traditional US allies at the G-7 summit. Perhaps he’ll find support with other world leaders.


Trump’s legacy, in a photo: No common ground

Old school civility is a lost cause with Trump, along with any pretensions of respecting differences of opinion and perspective.

Opinion | Richard North Patterson

Trump’s heartless hypocrisy toward refugees

In recent months, we have separated roughly 700 families, consigning children to an uncertain fate.

Opinion | Niall Ferguson

A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad president builds an empire

President Trump’s age-old tactic is to bully China and Europe — and it seems to be working.