Doctors’ ties to industry raise questions

“For patients and the public, this outside income undermines their confidence that Dana-Farber and the other hospitals have only their interests at heart.”


Trump administration would force immigrant parents into an impossible choice

“When the White House abandons the American value of the importance of the family for some groups, we all become vulnerable.”


Mass. task force offers road map for preventing child sexual abuse

“It is now up to organizations across the state to implement these recommendations.”


On front line of end-of-life care, nurses understand need to educate doctors

“In my decades of nursing experience, I have witnessed few physicians who were comfortable discussing death.”

Opinion | Indira A.R. Lakshmanan

Jamal Khashoggi’s apparent murder is Trump’s first tough foreign policy test — and he’s failing

The Trump administration’s eagerness to whitewash an ally’s apparent extrajudicial killing of a critic is appalling but not surprising.

Opinion | Geoff Diehl

The Democrats are wrong about tax cuts and deregulation

Rolling back the 2017 tax cuts and deregulations would threaten to return the nation — and the state — to the economic doldrums.


Elizabeth Warren is attacked from both left and right on DNA test

If the “Pocahontas” slur hobbles Warren beyond Trump’s base, it’s a problem. And it looks like it might be.


With DNA data out, Warren doesn’t quite clear the air

Senator Elizabeth Warren’s DNA test results were released to decidedly mixed reviews.


We’re going to have to prepare for more and more storms

“We may be challenged by the rising tide of our own refugees.”


In wake of Jamal Khashoggi’s death, US moral leadership is missing

Congress need not follow the Trump administration into a moral wilderness, where the only thing that matters is the brute exercise of state power.


After Perille bows out, a chance to get BPS superintendent search right

The Boston Public Schools need a dynamic, take-charge kind of leader — for the long term.


We need higher political standards for men

Why the double standard for what’s politically acceptable?

Opinion | Marcela García

Don’t remove the Citgo sign — change it

The oil company’s profits support a government that starves its people.

Opinion | David Wade

Playing a dangerous game with Saudi Arabia

Our justified moral outrage is no reason to avoid a clear-eyed look at the importance of the US-Saudi relationship.


Elizabeth Warren, typical white person

Whether you love Warren or loathe her should depend on her ideas and ideals, her deeds and words — not on her genetic ancestry.

Opinion | Laura Perille

Why I won’t be the next Boston schools superintendent

“Making a meaningful contribution to BPS is well worth having the word ‘interim’ on my nameplate,” the current interim school superintendent says in today’s Globe Opinion section.


Outcry over bid to restrict protests in D.C.

The Trump administration is considering restrictions on protests in public spaces in Washington.


In reform of Supreme Court, raise the bar for Senate confirmation

“The need for a supermajority vote might well induce future presidents to tack to the center rather than to the extremes.”


Hotel’s neighbors weary of din of hotel picket line

“As a resident of the building across the street [from the Westin], our lives have been upended by the noise.”


The local face of Trump’s campaign against migrant children

The Trump administration is callously and purposely imposing an undue amount of suffering on already traumatized minors.

Opinion | Michael A. Cohen

The racist tropes of Republicans

Racist remarks have become the soundtrack of our current political moment, uttered with little fear of serious political consequences.

Opinion | Aly Raisman

The role that adults can play in fighting the stigma of child sexual abuse

Child sexual abuse isn’t a kid problem, it’s an adult problem.

Dan Wasserman

Donald Trump’s turn for a DNA test

In the latest cartoon by Dan Wasserman, Trump follows Elizabeth Warren’s lead and takes a DNA test of his own.

Opinion | Niall Ferguson

Among so many killings of journalists, why does the fate of Jamal Khashoggi stand out?

Twenty-seven journalists have been murdered this year. Why is Jamal Khashoggi the only one making front-page news?

Opinion | Steven A. Tolman

National Grid lockout puts profit first, workers and safety last

National Grid would rather break a union and make more money than ensure that Massachusetts can safely restore gas service.


No more Pocahontas. Now, can Warren overcome the ‘blah blah blah’ gene with voters?

New DNA evidence proves Elizabeth Warren’s Native American heritage. But it won’t be enough stop the sexist attacks from the GOP.


In an era of climate urgency, we need a carbon tax

Voters must come to come to grips with the fact that the nation’s current governing party has stuck its head in the sand with regard to climate change.

Opinion | Margery Eagan

The myth of ‘false accusations’ of sexual assault

Assertions about false accuastions of sexual assault are rarely true.

Alex Beam

You don’t know Jake

There’s now a “Jacob glut.” But why?


A second chance to say ‘thank you’

A chance encounter with the family pediatrician brings back a lifetime of memories.


A sell-by date for some of our older members of government?

Alex Beam took a shot at the oldest senators on the Judiciary Committee. Many readers were not amused.


Kavanaugh process highlights crying need for term limits

“No one should have an unlimited entitlement to any federal position of power.”

Opinion | Ward Sutton

Myths of America

Cartoonist Ward Sutton depicts mythical tales from American politics.


Getting Greater Boston’s commuters unstuck

A number of features of last week’s transportation issue drew reaction from Ideas readers.


Going slow on cannabis cafes can’t be a good thing

Social consumption of marijuana may be years away. The problem is that endless delay is more likely than not to foster any number of end-runs around official policy. That can’t be a good thing.


Victims and their memories

Jeff Jacoby’s column on the fallibility of memory in the Kavanaugh case prompted reaction from readers.


After years of pressure to get political, Taylor Swift gets in line

America’s public discourse is stiflingly thick with acrid political fumes; the last thing we need is even more of the stuff.

Michael A. Cohen

Congress steps up to challenge Trump’s embrace of Saudi Arabia

Trump’s response to the disappearance of journalist Jamal Khashoggi offers a terrifying glimpse into his blighted worldview.


To be race-blind is to be simply blind

A ruling against Harvard would forever alter admissions, especially at elite colleges — for the worse.

Opinion | Leila Philip

It takes a village to raise a giant pumpkin

The bid to produce the largest 2,000-pound-plus pumpkin has bred a friendly, joyful community of growers.


Can Boston’s developers merge art and equity?

Working arts and culture into the very rubric of the development process can go a long way toward awakening some of Boston’s sleeping neighborhoods.


Ladies and gentlemen, the Clintons

Readers were divided over the reemergence of Hillary and Bill Clinton.


Mayor Walsh heightens focus on future of Long Island

Readers respond to the city’s call for public input on Mayor Walsh’s proposal for the future of Long Island.

Opinion | Jason S. Weissman

Everybody wins with luxury development in Boston

Luxury development provides new residential opportunities for those who are looking to move into the city.

Opinion | David W. Cash and Rebecca Herst

Hurricane Michael’s fury reminds Boston: We need climate resilience

When Boston joins the list of cities challenged by climate change, will we be prepared?


How Elizabeth Warren should challenge Trump

The facts obviously won’t deter Donald Trump from taunting Elizabeth Warren. So what would?


Kavanaugh has earned his pariah status at Harvard

“If Kavanaugh were to show up to teach classes, the revulsion would be great, as would the tumult.”


Jesus as founder of Catholic Church? Not exactly

“The Matthean idea of Peter as the ‘rock’ has led to one-true-churchism — questionable theology and spirituality.”


Democrats have played right into GOP bullies’ hands

“Democrats have squandered the apparent lead they held heading into the midterm election.”


The president apologizes

“Who’s going to apologize to Christine Blasey Ford on behalf of the American people?”