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Latest Headlines in OpEds

Carine Hajjar

Chris Christie takes on mission impossible in GOP presidential nomination race

Though it’s not likely the New Jersey governor will win the nomination, the questions he raises about fellow Republicans resonate with New Hampshire voters.

Hampus Hillerstrom and Jo Ann Simons

People with Down syndrome deserve access to Alzheimer’s treatment

People with Down syndrome helped scientists pave the way for Alzheimer’s drugs but are now left out of the treatment.

Addison Graham

Utah after Mitt Romney

Republicans jumped from Romney as their presidential nominee all the way to Donald Trump in only four years.

W. Russell Neuman

Congress can’t regulate AI. It’s too complex.

Artificial intelligence is an extremely fast-moving and increasingly diversified field, which makes it a poor match for slow-moving regulatory and judicial processes.

Mathew Barlow and Juliette N. Rooney-Varga

Today’s ‘unprecedented’ flooding extremes will be tomorrow’s good old days

Without addressing the cause of climate change, we can’t build or innovate our way out of the ever-increasing impacts that will come.

Carlo Ratti and Antoine Picon

AI is coming to our neighborhoods and will show us the future of cities

Our research at MIT has found that once trained, visual AI is shockingly accurate at predicting property values, crime rates, and even public health outcomes.

Lisa Lazare

Seniority policies are holding back teacher diversity efforts

To say that the racial and ethnic makeup of the Massachusetts teacher population is already out of step with the student body would be an understatement.

Phil Primack

Rethinking the costly role of fire departments

Is a 40-foot ladder truck that weighs up to 30 tons, gets less than 5 miles per gallon, and requires a crew of up to five really necessary for a broken leg?