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Two-tiered labor market raises complex new issues

Labor Day evolved as a celebration of organized labor in the industrial age. Since then, the labor market has changed dramatically.

THE WORK ISSUE | Benjamin Winterhalter

// ISTJ? ENFP? Careers hinge on a dubious personality test

As a scientific measure of personality, the Myers-Briggs test is mostly vacuous.


// Jobless men are the thorniest social issue in the US

We are far from agreeing, politically, about how to get America working again.

the work issue | Marcela García

// Embracing the three-day workweek

The world’s richest man says we need to shorten the workweek. Who really wants to disagree?

the work issue | Meta Wagner

// The cubicle, for millennials, is where dreams go to die

The reason why millennials believe they’d hate an office job is because they watch TV.

Philip Giordano for the Boston Globe


Surviving the gig economy

More and more workers are striking out on their own. Is it a sustainable workforce?

the work issue | Cali Williams Yost

Work-life does not imply age, gender, or parenthood

Research shows working remotely is a fundamental way that a large portion of the American workforce gets their jobs done.

The New U.

// MOOCs’ disruption is only beginning

Universities will have to compete with providers who offer low-cost, direct paths to employment.

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// Living wage for restaurant workers

By raising the minimum wage and adjusting other industry practices, the nation could sharply reduce the number of families in poverty while actually saving taxpayer dollars.