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Stand up for equality: Vote Yes on 3

Boston, MA - 9/16/2018 - Hundreds gather in Copley Square for a Vote Yes on 3 rally regarding Transgender laws in Massachusetts. (Michael Swensen for The Boston Globe) Topic: (metro)

Michael Swensen for The Boston Globe

The Globe editorial board urges a vote for yes on 3 to affirm equal rights protections for transgender individuals in Massachusetts.


//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2018/10/17/BostonGlobe.com/EditorialOpinion/Images/vennochi_480-5424.jpg Elizabeth Warren is attacked from both left and right on DNA test

If the “Pocahontas” slur hobbles Warren beyond Trump’s base, it’s a problem. And it looks like it might be.

Opinion | Geoff Diehl

//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2018/10/17/BostonGlobe.com/EditorialOpinion/Images/18Diehl.jpg The Democrats are wrong about tax cuts and deregulation

Rolling back the 2017 tax cuts and deregulations would threaten to return the nation — and the state — to the economic doldrums.


//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2018/10/16/BostonGlobe.com/EditorialOpinion/Images/49dd4b0eb61e4f8094c9a64cc47da28d-49dd4b0eb61e4f8094c9a64cc47da28d-0.jpg In wake of Jamal Khashoggi’s death, US moral leadership is missing

Congress need not follow the Trump administration into a moral wilderness, where the only thing that matters is the brute exercise of state power.

Opinion | Marcela García

//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2018/10/16/BostonGlobe.com/EditorialOpinion/Images/citgoWEB.jpg Don’t remove the Citgo sign — change it

The oil company’s profits support a government that starves its people.


//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2018/10/15/BostonGlobe.com/EditorialOpinion/Images/BEDFORD_19991231_INTERIM_SCHOOLS_CHIEF_017.jpg After Perille bows out, a chance to get BPS superintendent search right

The Boston Public Schools need a dynamic, take-charge kind of leader — for the long term.

Opinion | Laura Perille

//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2018/09/06/BostonGlobe.com/Metro/Images/wiggs_School_02.jpg Why I won’t be the next Boston schools superintendent

“Making a meaningful contribution to BPS is well worth having the word ‘interim’ on my nameplate,” the current interim school superintendent says in today’s Globe Opinion section.

Opinion | David Wade

//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2018/10/16/BostonGlobe.com/EditorialOpinion/Images/94300442f3a04c649caf9bc047e64220-94300442f3a04c649caf9bc047e64220-0.jpg Playing a dangerous game with Saudi Arabia

Our justified moral outrage is no reason to avoid a clear-eyed look at the importance of the US-Saudi relationship.


//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2018/10/16/BostonGlobe.com/EditorialOpinion/Images/Scot_Lehigh_150px-5415.jpg We need higher political standards for men

Why the double standard for what’s politically acceptable?


//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2018/10/16/BostonGlobe.com/EditorialOpinion/Images/Jeff_Jacoby_150px-5404.jpg Elizabeth Warren, typical white person

Whether you love Warren or loathe her should depend on her ideas and ideals, her deeds and words — not on her genetic ancestry.

Opinion | Aly Raisman

//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2018/10/16/BostonGlobe.com/Metro/Images/ryan_aly4_met.jpg The role that adults can play in fighting the stigma of child sexual abuse

Child sexual abuse isn’t a kid problem, it’s an adult problem.

Jamal Khashoggi’s apparent murder is Trump’s first tough foreign policy test — and he’s failing

Lesley Becker/Globe Staff/AP Photos

Opinion | Indira A.R. Lakshmanan

Jamal Khashoggi’s apparent murder is Trump’s first tough foreign policy test — and he’s failing

The Trump administration’s eagerness to whitewash an ally’s apparent extrajudicial killing of a critic is appalling but not surprising.

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“In my decades of nursing experience, I have witnessed few physicians who were comfortable discussing death.”

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