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Deborah S. Jin, 47; studied matter in extreme cold

In 2005, Dr. Jin became the second-youngest woman ever elected to the National Academy of Sciences.

2016’s hellish summer weather: A told-you-so climate moment?

This summer’s weather was relentless and hellish, crowded with the type of record-smashing extremes that scientists have long warned about.

NASA spacecraft headed to asteroid to bring back samples

The first NASA explorer of its kind took off on a seven-year quest Thursday, chasing after a big, black, unexplored asteroid to gather a few handfuls of gravel for return to Earth.

NASA chasing down asteroid to scoop up, bring back samples

The space agency plans to launch a spacecraft to an ateroid named Bennu, in a mission that will take seven years.

Typhoons in northwestern Pacific getting stronger

Overall, landfalling Asian typhoon intensity has increased by about 12 percent in nearly four decades.

NASA spacecraft beams back close-up views of Jupiter’s poles

The probe captured the best views of Jupiter yet, revealing turbulent storms in the north pole.


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