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Journey to Jupiter: NASA spacecraft nears planet rendezvous

Jupiter takes center stage with next week’s arrival of a NASA spacecraft built to map the planet from inside out.

NASA’s Juno mission set to be captured by Jupiter

After traveling for five years and nearly 1.8 billion miles, NASA’s Juno spacecraft is due to arrive.

Daring flight removes 2 sick workers from South Pole station

  Two people who fell ill while working at the U.S. research station at the South Pole have been evacuated by a small plane that made the daring rescue flight in Antarctica’s harsh winter.

Daring South Pole medical rescue underway

An airplane has left a base in Antarctica for the 1,500-mile trip to evacuate a sick worker from a US science station.

Electrical trick may lead to less fat in chocolate

New research suggests candy companies may be able to make lower fat versions of the treat.

Bob Paine, 83, ecologist whose work identified keystone species

Dr. Paine demonstrated the consequences of disrupting an ecosystem with the removal of a single species.


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