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Latest Headlines in Science

‘A thing of the past’: With warmer winters, the New England tradition of outdoor skating is on thin ice

The window to skate in Vermont is dwindling as the climate changes. “It affects the whole local economy,” one business owner says.

Russia’s bid for an orbiting nuclear weapon highlights a new space race

It seemed like the 2024 equivalent of a Sputnik moment: In a cryptic statement this week, a US lawmaker privy to US intelligence warned of a grave but unspecified security threat from Russia.

Here’s how many private jets besides Taylor Swift’s ride landed in Vegas for the Super Bowl

The private jet that ferried Swift on the last leg of her marathon journey from Tokyo was one of 882 private planes that flew into Las Vegas over the weekend.

For threatened polar bears, the climate change diet is a losing proposition

With Arctic sea ice shrinking from climate change, many polar bears have to shift their diets to land during parts of the summer.

Latest nor’easter revives concerns of sea’s unceasing march on Nantucket

Tuesday's storm brought wind gusts of up to 60 miles per hour and 9 inches of snow to Nantucket. And every time a storm hits, it chips away at the island’s edges.

New England marshes and seagrasses have huge potential to combat climate change

Scientists are just beginning to understand how much carbon is sequestered by salt marshes and seagrasses— and how much could be released into the atmosphere if those ecosystems collapse.

US sets tighter standards for deadly soot pollution from tailpipes, smokestacks

The Biden administration is setting tougher standards for deadly soot pollution, saying that reducing fine particle matter from tailpipes, smokestacks, and other industrial sources could prevent thousands of premature deaths a year.

Rare tornado warning issued for San Diego County as historic storm still threatens California

Officials expressed relief that the storm hadn’t killed anyone or caused a major catastrophe in Los Angeles so far despite its size and intensity.