Latest Headlines in Science

What helps prevent dementia? Try exercise, not vitamin pills

If you want to save your brain, focus on keeping the rest of your body well with exercise and healthy habits rather than popping vitamin pills, new guidelines advise.

12 endangered animal and plant species conservationists are trying to save

Researchers at the International Union for the Conservation of Nature provided the following examples of work being done to try to save species threatened with extinction.

Opinion: Revealing the real prices insurers pay can save health care

Making public the secret prices that insurers pay providers would infuse much-needed competition into health care’s $3.5 trillion market.

FDA approves the first vaccine for dengue fever, with major restrictions

The vaccine protects against a common disease but has generated controversy due to evidence it can increase the risk of severe infection in some people.

Developing new antibiotics requires new incentives, experts say

The private sector is unwilling to take on the financial risk of developing new antibiotics, experts say, despite desperate needed.

An experimental test may help confirm cases of chronic fatigue syndrome

Known as a “nanoneedle,” the new device picks up on certain changes in electrical signals to identify people with ME/CFS.

A Theranos scientist-turned-whistleblower, on jail time for Elizabeth Holmes

Erika Cheung joined Theranos fresh out of college as a “starry-eyed’’ 22-year-old chemist and biologist. Seven months later, she blew the whistle.

Opinion: A year of #MeToo has done little to change medicine for female physicians

Two surveys of female physicians show that “it’s hard” to work in the still-patriarchal health care system and that #MeToo has had only a small effect.