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Climate and the fight of our lives

The climate crisis is now an emergency. We believe solutions must begin here, in our communities, state, and region. Globe journalism will shine light on obstacles to decisive action, illuminate paths toward solutions, and hold to account elected leaders responsible for guiding us to a better future.

Latest climate stories

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These maps show how sea level rise could put the South Coast underwater

As climate change pushes sea levels up, Massachusetts’ southern coast will more regularly be pummeled by storms and face catastrophic flooding and increased erosion. Check out these maps to learn more.

Boston wants to convert all its electric lighting to efficient LED fixtures

The city has some 80,000 street lights, and not all of them have the same carbon impact.

Your electric bill may go up by more than 60 percent this winter. Here’s why.

Natural gas-fired power plants still provide at least half of New England’s electricity, and costs for obtaining gas have skyrocketed this year following Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine and the subsequent natural gas shortage in Europe.

Sea level rise threatens New Bedford’s fishing port and could put South Coast towns under water, new report finds

Rising seas along the South Coast are projected to have catastrophic effects, inundating towns around Buzzards Bay and Narraganset Bay, flooding out roads and wiping away salt marshes that store vast amounts of carbon, according to a new report.

Senate ratifies international climate deal on refrigerants

In a major action to address climate change, the Senate on Wednesday ratified an international agreement that compels the United States and other countries to limit use of hydrofluorocarbons.

Climate change protesters close one side of Seaport Blvd. bridge before dispersing; 15 arrested

Environmental activists who sought to block major intersections in Boston dialed back those plans and instead marched down several streets downtown and closed one side of the Seaport Boulevard bridge for about 30 minutes during the Wednesday morning commute.

At Clinton Foundation summit, Governor Baker is a rare Republican voice on climate

As Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker enters the home stretch of his term in office, some observers say his achievements on climate change rival that of states considered leaders, like New York and California.

First public global database of fossil fuels launches

The Global Registry of Fossil Fuels includes data from over 50,000 oil, gas and coal fields in 89 countries, and is available for public use.