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Climate and the fight of our lives

The climate crisis is now an emergency. We believe solutions must begin here, in our communities, state, and region. Globe journalism will shine light on obstacles to decisive action, illuminate paths toward solutions, and hold to account elected leaders responsible for guiding us to a better future.

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Twenty arrested after climate activists briefly halt traffic outside South Station during busy morning commute, police say

Around 7:50 a.m., demonstrators in neon safety vests stopped traffic at a busy intersection outside the train station, causing backups along Summer Street and several roads in the area.

UN chief warns of ‘gates of hell’ in climate summit, but carbon polluting nations stay silent

Top international officials said the world’s leaders still aren’t doing nearly enough to curb pollution of heat-trapping gases. They pleaded with major emitting nations to do more.

Homeowners face rising insurance rates as climate change makes wildfires, storms more common

A report from First Street Foundation released Wednesday says states such as California, Florida, and Louisiana are likely to see the most dramatic increases in premiums.

‘Office’ star Rainn Wilson calls for community, industry response to climate change at Globe Summit

Rainn Wilson is best known for causing interpersonal conflict as Dwight Schrute on “The Office.” But during a Globe Summit talk Tuesday, he said it’s the community-focused values of a very different TV show he'd like to see people adopt.

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Dorchester program aims to make EVs affordable

In a new pilot program at the Girls Latin apartment complex, a resident can rent an electric vehicle that will be subsidized by selling power from the car's battery back to the utility grid at times of high demand.

‘Spring tide’ ocean waves crash into buildings in South Africa, leaving 2 dead and injuring several

South African authorities say big ocean waves caused by a phenomenon known as “spring tide” crashed into coastal parts of the country over the weekend, leaving two people dead and injuring several others.

Massachusetts to ban state agencies from purchasing single-use plastic bottles, Healey announces

State agencies will be banned from purchasing single-use plastic bottles, Governor Maura Healey announced Monday.

Home insurance companies have pulled out of high climate-risk states. Could that happen in New England?

In the last year, multiple homeowners insurance companies stopped writing policies in states facing high risks of extreme weather events fueled by climate change. A dramatic exodus is unlikely in New England, but risks are rising.