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The European Union offered Britain a choice of short delays to its departure from the EU, postponing Brexit, due March 29, until at least mid-April.

Britain accepts EU offer to delay Brexit

European Council chief Donald Tusk says the British government has accepted the EU’s offer to delay Brexit.

*** BESTPIX *** BRUSSELS, BELGIUM - MARCH 21: British Prime Minister Theresa May arrives for a two-day summit of European Union leaders on March 21, 2019 in Brussels, Belgium. Leaders will discuss May's request for an extension of the deadline for the United Kingdom's departure from the EU, or Brexit. European Council President Donald Tusk said yesterday that he can see member states agreeing to a short extension beyond March 29, though he has coupled an extension to the British Parliament passing Theresa May's Brexit agreement first. (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

European leaders allow short reprieve for Brexit, staving next-week exit

If British lawmakers approve a divorce deal they have twice rejected, they can leave the European Union on May 22. If they reject it, they must plan an alternative by April 12 or fall off the same no-deal cliff.

Activists posed with papier mache heads depicting British Prime Minister Theresa May and German Chancellor Angela Merkel during an anti-Brexit campaign stunt outside EU headquarters in Brussels.

Anti-Brexit petition crashes UK government website

About 600,000 people backed a call to revoke Article 50, the mechanism that triggered Britain’s departure from the European Union, before the site crashed.

FILE - In this file photo dated Thursday, March 22, 2018, John Bercow, Speaker of the House of Commons speaks at Westminster Hall inside the Palace of Westminster in London. Bercow dealt a potentially fatal blow to Prime Minister Theresa May's ailing Brexit deal on Monday, March 18, 2019, saying the government couldn't keep asking lawmakers to vote on the same Brexit deal that lawmakers have already rejected twice. (AP Photo/Alastair Grant, FILE)

17th century British parliamentary rule upends Brexit proceedings

Prime Minister Theresa May’s best laid plan went awry Monday when the speaker of the House of Commons announced he would not permit a third vote on a divorce deal that British lawmakers have already twice rejected.

House of Commons leader John Bercow has cautioned the prime minister.

Brexit discord deepens as parliamentary leader moves to block 3rd vote on May’s plan

The speaker of Britain’s House of Commons won’t allow the prime minister’s EU withdrawal agreement to be voted on a third time unless it’s ‘‘substantially’’ different.

Brexit supporters began a two-week march to support the policy Saturday in Sunderland, England. Protesters will walk to London on a march called “Leave Means Leave.”

As Brexit stalls, supporters protest betrayal of their dream

With Britain’s departure from the European Union likely to be put on hold, some Brexit supporters fear their dream is dying.

British lawmakers have voted to delay Brexit, just 15 days before the country is scheduled to leave the European Union.

UK lawmakers vote to delay Brexit past March 29

The House of Commons voted by 412-202 in favor of seeking to postpone the U.K.’s departure for at least three months beyond the scheduled March 29 departure from the EU.

An anti-Brexit protestor in London on Tuesday.

A lot is happening with Brexit. Here’s what you should know

Parliament votes Wednesday on the possibility of a “no-deal” Brexit. But what exactly does “no-deal” mean?

An anti-Brexit, left, and pro-Brexit supporter debate outside the House of Parliament in London, Tuesday, March 12, 2019. Prime Minister Theresa May's mission to secure Britain's orderly exit from the European Union appeared headed for defeat Tuesday, as lawmakers ignored her entreaties to support her divorce deal and end the political chaos and economic uncertainty that Brexit has unleashed.(AP Photo/Tim Ireland)

New Brexit defeat plunges UK’s May into crisis

The prime minister lost a second vote on her plans to leave the European Union and now faces unpalatable choices with time running out to avoid a chaotic exit.

Many bet chaos will continue as Britain awaits Brexit votes

This is the week when the people may learn whether their nation will depart on schedule — or whether there will be more uncertainty, division and delay.

British Prime Minister Theresa May acknowledged that, even if her deal passes next week, time will be tight to pass the necessary legislation needed to make Brexit a reality on March 29.

UK leader warns Brexit may never happen unless her deal with Brussels is approved

Prime Minister Theresa May also implored the EU to help her make ‘‘one more push’’ to get the agreement through a skeptical Parliament.

Fear mounting for British in EU as ‘no-deal’ Brexit looms

In less than a month the United Kingdom could leave the European Union, but more than a million British nationals will remain there — unwilling to let Brexit force them from the lives they’ve built on the continent.

The Latest: London deputy mayor: ‘take pressure off’ Brexit

The Latest on Britain’s exit from the European Union (all times local):

The flag of the European Union and the British national flags were flown on poles during a demonstration by supporters of a movement to remain in the EU outside the Palace of Westminster in London last week.

UK trade official sees hope in Brexit hard-liners’ proposals

Britain’s international trade secretary on Sunday welcomed proposals drawn up by hard-line Brexit supporters that outline what it would take for them to support Prime Minister Theresa May’s deal with the European Union.

Irish drivers warned to get paperwork for ‘no-deal’ Brexit

Ireland’s deputy prime minister said Thursday that the European Union wants to work with Britain to ensure there is a Brexit deal, as Irish drivers were warned they will need new paperwork to cross the currently invisible border to Northern Ireland if the U.K. leaves the bloc without an agreement.

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Rationality may prevail with a new Brexit vote

UK citizens deserve the right to vote again once the specific terms of Brexit are clear

Pro-Brexit activists hold placards as they demonstrate outside of the Houses of Parliament in London On February 26, 2019. - British Prime Minister Theresa May said on Tuesday she would allow parliament to vote on March 14 on whether to delay Brexit if MPs reject both her deal and the prospect of leaving the EU without an agreement. If those two options are rejected the government would put forward

Theresa May promises UK Parliament a vote to delay Brexit

Her hand was forced by Cabinet ministers who said they were prepared to risk being fired rather than accept a withdrawal from the European Union without an agreement.

British Prime Minister Theresa May made a statement to the House of Commons Tuesday.

UK Parliament will decide between no-deal Brexit and delay

British Prime Minister Theresa May told lawmakers they will get to choose between leaving the European Union on schedule — with or without a divorce deal — or asking the EU to postpone.

(FILES) In this file photo taken on February 23, 2019 Opposition Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn addresses at a rally, in Broxtowe, central England. - Britain's main opposition Labour Party said on February 25 it was committed to eventually supporting a second referendum on leaving the European Union if its own plan for Brexit is not approved. (Photo by Oli SCARFF / AFP)OLI SCARFF/AFP/Getty Images

Britain’s Labour Party moves toward backing a new Brexit vote

The Labour Party said it would back a second referendum on Brexit, adding more questions to the move as the withdrawal day approaches on March 29.

An anti-Brexit protester flew European and Union flags outside the Houses of Parliament in London on Thursday.

UK acknowledges key trade deals won’t be ready by Brexit day

The European Union’s chief said he remains downbeat about Britain avoiding a chaotic departure from the bloc.

Former leader of Britain's UKIP party, Nigel Farage (R) reaacts as he speaks with Italian-Swedish MEP Anna Maria Corazza Bildt during a panel discussion at a conference on Brexit, at the Saatchi Gallery in London on February 19, 2019. - The British government on Friday dismissed as a

EU, UK to have more Brexit talks, but key disagreement remains

The European Union on Tuesday warned British Prime Minister Theresa May that her trip to EU headquarters to seek an elusive breakthrough in the Brexit negotiations stands no chance of success when it comes to her most important demand.

Anti-Brexit protesters held EU flags and placards outside the Houses of Parliament in London on Tuesday. British Prime Minister Theresa May asked MPs Tuesday to give her more time for talks with the European Union on renegotiating the Brexit deal, just weeks before the scheduled March 29 departure date.

Theresa May stalls on Brexit. Again. And again. And again.

Prime Minister Theresa May has delayed so many decisions on Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union that critics accuse her of turning can-kicking into a political art form.

Ireland's Prime Minister Leo Varadkar (L) and European Council President Donald Tusk shake hands at the European Council headquarters in Brussels. Varadkar warned Tusk that his comments would not go over well in the British press.

EU chief ponders ‘special place in hell’ for some Brexiteers

European Council President Donald Tusk’s comment, as predicted, drew outrage from British Brexiteers.

Fears grow: 1/3 of UK firms consider move abroad over Brexit

Nearly a third of U.K. firms may shift their operations abroad because of Britain’s looming departure from the European Union, a survey of 1,200 company directors suggested Friday, as the political stalemate over a Brexit deal heightened jitters among businesses.

Britain's Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Jeremy Hunt (left) and Cabinet Secretary Mark Sedwill arrived for a meeting at Downing Street Tuesday. Hunt told the BBC that a delay may be necessary to pass legislation to implement Brexit.

Britain’s foreign secretary says Brexit may have to be delayed

For Britain’s government the time crunch on Prime Minister Theresa May finding a Brexit solution is beginning to set in, but there doesn’t seem to be much confidence that a deal will be reached in time.

EU won’t budge on Brexit deal as May seeks cross-party unity

European Union leaders offered a united chorus of “No” on Wednesday to Britain’s belated bid to negotiate changes to the Brexit divorce deal, with one official calling on British lawmakers to stop bickering and work out a cross-party approach.

Holocaust survivor Anita Lasker-Wallfisch (center) with her daughter Maya Jacobs Lasker-Wallfisch and her grandson Simon Wallfisch in Berlin, Germany. Maya Jacobs Lasker-Wallfisch and Simon Wallfisch are two of thousands of Jews in Britain who have applied for restoration of their German citizenship, which was stripped from their ancestors by the Nazis.

British Jews apply for German nationality as Brexit looms

The Wallfisch family, alienated from their home country following the Holocaust, offer a range of views into the German nationality in the midst of the post-Brexit-referendum rush to ensure European citizenship.

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth urges Brexit-torn officials to seek common ground

Elizabeth is barred from commenting directly on politics, but the remarks were interpreted as a veiled criticism of the toxic debate.

An Airbus employee inspected the construction of a wing at a production plant near Broughton in northeast Wales.

Airbus CEO warns it could move in event of no-deal Brexit

CEO Tom Enders said Brexit threatened to destroy a century of development in the Britain’s world-leading aviation industry.

Britain’s International Trade Secretary Liam Fox admitted that no deal on Brexit is a possibility.

Businesses sound alarm as UK says prepare for no-deal Brexit

A growing number of British firms are bracing for disruption by stockpiling goods or shifting operations overseas.

A lone demonstrator stood by an entrance to Britain's Parliament building on Friday.

Teresa May’s foes gather as Britain’s Brexit stalemate drags on

Talks to end the stalemate appeared deadlocked Friday, with neither the prime minister nor the main opposition leader shifting from their entrenched positions.

Pro-Brexit activists held placards at a political rally titled 'Lets Go WTO,' hosted by Leave Means Leave in London on Thursday.

British Parliament’s bid to break its Brexit deadlock is delayed. Again.

Time is not on Britain’s side as the clock ticks down to its scheduled March 29 exit from the European Union, and its politicians remain paralyzed over how the country should leave.

Benedict Cumberbatch stars in the new HBO movie, “Brexit.”

Television Review

HBO’s ‘Brexit’ is a tale for both sides of the pond

Benedict Cumberbatch stars as the mastermind behind Britain’s Vote Leave campaign.

Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May will face a no-confidence vote in Parliament on Wednesday. The vote was initiated by the Labor Party.

Theresa May survives no-confidence vote after Brexit defeat

Wednesday’s vote will be the second no-confidence vote against May in less than two months. She successfully fended off a challenge from her Conservative partymates in December.

Theresa May Survives Confidence Vote in British Parliament

LONDON — Prime Minister Theresa May narrowly survived a vote of no-confidence in Parliament on Wednesday, but the result did little to quell the turmoil gripping the British government over her plan for leaving the European Union, coming a day after she suffered a historic defeat on the blueprint.

Newspapers in London reported on the UK parliament’s rejection of Theresa May’s Brexit deal.

EU leaders plead with UK to get its act together on Brexit

European Union leaders want Britons to end the internal strife and come up with a realistic plan to leave the bloc — a departure just 10 weeks away.

Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May leaves a cabinet meeting at Downing Street in London, Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2019. May is struggling to win support for her Brexit deal in Parliament. Lawmakers are due to vote on the agreement Tuesday, and all signs suggest they will reject it, adding uncertainty to Brexit less than three months before Britain is due to leave the EU on March 29. (AP Photo/Frank Augstein)

May’s Brexit plan on shaky footing with crucial vote looming

British lawmakers are preparing to deliver their verdict on Prime Minister Theresa May’s divorce deal with the European Union after two years of political upheaval.

LONDON, ENGLAND - JANUARY 08: Anti-Brexit protester Steve Bray (L) and a pro-Brexit protester argue as they demonstrate outside the Houses of Parliament in Westminster on January 08, 2019 in London, England. MPs in Parliament are to vote on Theresa May's Brexit deal next week after last month's vote was called off in the face of a major defeat. (Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images)

UK rules out Brexit extension as May seeks EU help on deal

The British government on Tuesday ruled out seeking an extension to the two-year period taking the country out of the European Union as Prime Minister Theresa May continued to seek further concessions from the EU ahead of a crucial parliamentary vote next week on her Brexit deal.

A Pro-Brexit campaigner holds a British Union flag, also known as a Union Jack, in London on Tuesday. MUST CREDIT: Bloomberg photo by Chris J. Ratcliffe

With Brexit deal in peril, Theresa May scrambles to save it

The British prime minister toured European capitals Tuesday, meeting with leaders and looking for some way to shore up support back home for her imperiled agreement on Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union.

The European Court of Justice ruled Monday that when an EU member country has notified its intent to leave, ‘‘that Member State is free to revoke unilaterally that notification.’’

Top EU court rules UK can change mind over Brexit

The European Union’s top court has ruled that Britain can change its mind over Brexit, boosting the hopes of people who want to stay in the EU that the process can be reversed.

Demonstrators for and against Brexit protest opposite the Houses of Parliament in London on December 5, 2018. - British Prime Minister Theresa May returns to the House of Commons today after a series of stunning defeats by MPs that threaten her government and could change the course of Brexit. (Photo by Ben STANSALL / AFP)BEN STANSALL/AFP/Getty Images

UK Parliament, May’s government face off in Brexit showdown

The release of previously secret legal advice provided more ammunition for opponents of Prime Minister Theresa May’s unpopular divorce agreement with the European Union.

Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May

UK Parliament delivers rebuke to government over Brexit

Those hoping that the withdrawal plan could be canceled entirely also got a boost from a legal opinion by Manuel Campos Sánchez-Bordona, the advocate general of the European Court of Justice.

Brexit will make Great Britain less prosperous, government says

No matter what sort of trade deal it has with the European Union, Britain’s economy will suffer, the report said.

A protestor demonstrated against Brexit near Parliament in London on Tuesday.

Top European court hears Brexit challenge; critics slam May’s EU divorce deal

The European Union’s highest court on Tuesday began considering whether Britain can change its mind about leaving the EU.

Prime Minister Theresa May faces a tough campaign on the deal in Parliament.

EU backs Brexit deal, but will Parliament?

After months of stop-and-start negotiations, Britain and the European Union on Sunday sealed an agreement governing the United Kingdom’s departure from the bloc next year.

Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May arrived in Brussels for meetings with EU leaders.

Spain to back Brexit deal after UK agrees to Gibraltar terms

The European Union removed the last major obstacle to sealing an agreement on Brexit after Spain said it had reached a deal Saturday with Britain over Gibraltar on the eve of an EU summit.

An Anti Brexit campaigner smiles as she demonstrates in Westminster in London, Monday, Nov. 19, 2018. The EU nations and Britain are still negotiating the outline text of a draft Brexit deal, setting out their future relationship which will have to be ratified by both the British and the European Parliaments. (AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth)

UK ‘coup’ against prime minister falters, for now

The setback for the hard-liners is some rare good news for Theresa May, who is fighting for her political life, battling to quell a rebellion within her party and her Cabinet over draft plans for a withdrawal from the European Union, or Brexit.

UK leader fights back against critics, defends Brexit deal

Theresa May told her Conservative opponents that their alternative plans for Britain’s departure from the European Union wouldn’t work.

Prime Minister Theresa May insisted that she was not worried about the prospects for the Brexit deal or her own political fortunes.

Brexit deal, May face crisis as 2 quit Cabinet

“Leadership is about taking the right decisions, not the easy ones,” the prime minister said. “Am I going to see this through? Yes.”

Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May.

May secures Cabinet backing for Brexit deal as critics rage

British Prime Minister Theresa May said that she won her Cabinet’s backing for a draft divorce deal with the European Union after a marathon meeting Wednesday.