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I was about to say ‘I love you,’ when he dumped me

Did I wait too long? Or would saying those three little words have changed nothing.

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Recommitting to my marriage after an affair

I don’t know how to get over this. It feels like the greatest loss I’ve ever experienced.

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Dating in a rural area is not easy for divorced mom

Well, now I’m single and the dating pool here is very ... small. The closest large city is about two hours away. How do I find a good guy to date?

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Breakup misery finally kicked in

I think that after months of feeling nothing after I broke up with him, my heartbreak is just starting.

Justin Lehmiller’s book is based on the results from the sex survey he created.

‘Tell Me What You Want’ looks at sexual fantasies and the science of desire

The new book by researcher Justin Lehmiller attempts to dispel stereotypes and help people speak more openly about what they want.

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‘I’ve got baggage’

After my last breakup, I really looked at myself and realized that the wounded ducks weren’t working for me.

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Do I tell my dates about my toddler?

A lot of men seem turned off when they find out I’m a single mom.

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Ex — with benefits?

Now, a full six months after we cut all of our ties, he moved back to our town. We have started hooking up and talking occasionally.

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I can’t help but wonder what else is out there

“He is so nice, quiet, and gets along with my family, but I want to date more before I get married.”

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Will he grow up?

We don’t have any other issues, so why does he go from 0 to 60 about small problems?

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Can I have a friend with benefits and still stay married?

She loves her husband, but their sex life has gone MIA. She thinks a no-strings guy on the side might be the answer.

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Her boyfriend texted her friend

I confronted him and broke up with him, and since then, he has done nothing but apologize.

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Why has his family forgiven his awful ex?

Why am I the only one who thinks it’s disrespectful for her to have shown up at his parent’s funeral after the horrible way she treated him?

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They are having a baby

Fast forward to this past April, and I discovered I was pregnant. His reaction wasn’t what I expected.

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He says he’s committed to forever with me, but not to getting engaged

It seems my choices are either to leave the guy I love or to settle for less than what I really want.

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I want the one that got away

I would never want to leave one person for another — but what do I do?

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I’m wondering if I should just call it quits and find someone who would want to move back home

We have talked about whether he would move to the East Coast, and he is not very open to it. He has come around and said it’s possible he’ll consider it, but that’s not enough assurance for me.

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My wife wrote a birthday card to the guy she had an affair with

It’s been decades since she cheated, but she left a birthday card to her ex-paramour on her desk. And now she denies it.

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My friends and family are trying to be helpful ...

How do you get your friends and family to understand that your dating style is different than theirs? Or that when they try to “help,” they actually ruin any spark you have with someone?


Dig, a new dating app for dog lovers, to host Fort Point bash

The dating service was founded by Newton-raised sisters Leigh and Casey Isaacson, who believe that dog-friendly humans make good teams.

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I don’t want to move for him

He says he is done with the distance, and it’s either I move there or this relationship is over.

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Missing my office relationship

I just feel like we can’t go back to being friends, because from day one, we were always a little bit more than that.

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What if he leaves me at 31?

Should I move out for a couple of months to give him space? Should we break up? Should I ride it out? I love him so deeply, but what if I am not his one? What if he’s never ready?

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I’ve always dated guys, but I think I’ve fallen for my female friend

They’re friends who share cuddle time. Is there something more going on here?

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When I found out she was still married, it crushed me

I’ve tried to explain that her not being honest to her husband/family and using me for an emotional and physical affair is just wrong. I still care for her, but now I just want to move forward with my life and forget about her.

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We made a pact to see each other in a year

We have been communicating through text and what we are finding out is that we need each other to get through this breakup — because our friendship and love for each other is so deep.

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Broke up with my meant-to-be

My whole life feels wrong, and I know I created all of this. I thought about having children with him. I thought he was the one.

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He invited me on a road trip — without his girlfriend

I’m not sure what to do because I don’t want to lose him from my life, but I also don’t think the way he’s handling himself with his current relationship is appropriate or fair.

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Breakup is necessary; rubbing it in ex’s face is not

I want to go back onto the dating apps like Tinder and Bumble but I don’t want him to know (i.e. if his friend sees me on there and sends him a screenshot).

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She won’t wait around forever

She has been dropping hints about not waiting around forever, but I can’t give her what she needs right now and the pressure is too much.

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If she has feelings for me, why does she keep dating other guys?

After being her rebound guy multiple times, he wonders if she’ll ever take him seriously.

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I slept with a guy at a wedding. What next?

Should I continue to try to see him? Does he actually like me?

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Getting him out of his cave

I want to give him his space and be supportive, but I also want to be with someone who wants to be with me. At what point do I assume it’s over and move on?

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We’re in love — and we’re deployed

I’m very worried that this distance will inhibit us from truly getting to know each other, masking potential flaws in our relationship or points of incompatibility.

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He doesn’t want her to try Botox

She wants to ward off wrinkles. He loves her as she is. But there may be a bigger issue here.

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Is it wrong to cut ties?

I demanded to know whether he was really into this, and he finally said he wasn’t. Now I’m hurt. I feel like he messed with my head.

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‘I believe in my heart that this is not the end of our journey’

When I saw him, though, he admitted he thought we should go on a break. I was floored. We had just made plans for him to attend a wedding with me in Europe.

Wedding bells are ringing, but justices of the peace aren’t getting the call

Justices of the peace, who long presided over non-religious weddings, are getting pushed out by one-day officiants. And they’re not happy about it.

6 tips for officiating a wedding

Some suggestions from justices of the peace, former one-day officiants, and couples who’ve been seen the best and worst of it.

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How long do I wait to reach out?

So the highs consisted of us laughing, loving, enjoying each other again. And the lows were discussing our past issues, our present issues, and how we prevent them from being future issues. And he couldn’t handle it. He left me.

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When is it worth trying long-distance?

We’ve had a lot of fun together, and the relationship has been a positive thing in my life, but at times it has also felt like more work than it should be.

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Is there such a thing as a ‘sophisticated’ breakup?

After his infidelity, she just wants to move on and be happy.

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He forgets to introduce me as his girlfriend

When I brought this up, he said he doesn’t want to make other people feel uncomfortable by being affectionate, which I think is honestly ridiculous.

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My boyfriend is a disorganized mess in the apartment

He often leaves things (like a glass in the bathroom or even in the shower!) where they don’t belong, forgets to turn off the stove or lights, etc.

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He didn’t want kids, so I ended it. But now he says he’s changed his mind

Do I believe him and give this another chance, or stay with my new guy?

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A quarter-life crisis breakup?

I don’t know if he felt it was emasculating for him to be with a woman who will eventually be a physician. That wouldn’t be a fixable problem.

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Relationship troubles after a miscarriage

I haven’t spoken to him about any of this because I think it would break his heart.

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‘He just isn’t the way he used to be’

He became so arrogant that he doesn’t even allow us to talk things out. He calls for phone sex, and otherwise we don’t talk very much.

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The downside to dating a younger man

She really likes him, but wonders if the 10 year age difference will always be a problem.

Love Letters

From casual to serious ...

Mainly, I want him to say, “It would be amazing for us to live in the same town and try this.” He hasn’t.

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