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Boston soaring rent forces many out but when moving further isn't enough? Where do you go?

The third episode of the BoZton video series examines what the city loses when its sky-high cost of living pushes young people away.

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Conservative Supreme Court justices seem open to an attack on the Securities and Exchange Commission

A majority of the nine-member court suggested that people accused of fraud by the SEC should have the right to have their cases decided by a jury in federal court, instead of by the SEC's in-house administrative law judges.

‘Nightmare in Mission Hill,’ the true story of the Charles Stuart case

For two years, a team of Globe reporters investigated the case. What they found reveals hard truths, unveils explosive new findings, and changes the narrative of a story long cemented in Boston’s lore.

OxyContin maker’s settlement plan divides victims of opioid crisis. Now it’s up to the Supreme Court.

The agreement by the maker of OxyContin to settle thousands of lawsuits over the harm done by opioids could help combat the overdose epidemic that the painkiller helped spark, but that does not mean all the victims are satisfied.

Fiery crash kills 2 at Niagara Falls’ Rainbow border bridge. Officials say no sign of terrorism.

Much remained unclear about the incident at the Rainbow Bridge, which stirred concerns on both sides of the border .

Binance founder pleads guilty to violating money laundering rules

Binance itself also agreed to plead guilty, according to the court papers filed in federal court in Seattle.

Musk’s X sues Media Matters after report shows ads next to pro-Nazi posts

Media Matters released a report by writer Eric Hananoki on Thursday, which included screenshots of mainstream advertisements appearing beside pro-Nazi content on X. A wave of businesses, including IBM, Apple and Disney, subsequently suspended advertising.