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Google viewed exclusive search deals as a ‘weapon,’ Justice Department says

The case centers on tactics Google has employed while amassing roughly 90 percent of the global search engine market, enough that the company’s name has become synonymous with typing a query in a search box.

Bowing to European pressure, Apple changes its iPhone charger

On Wednesday, Apple revealed that its newest product line, the iPhone 15, will drop the company’s proprietary Lightning port in favor of European-mandated USB-C ports.

Moderna to pay Immatics up to $1.8b in cancer-drug deal

The companies will collaborate on a variety of products, including antibodies produced through mRNA, cancer vaccines, and cell-therapy products, most of which have yet to be tested in people.

G20 agreement reflects sharp differences over Ukraine and the rising clout of the Global South

The final statement, released a day before the formal close of the summit, highlighted the “human suffering and negative added impacts of the war in Ukraine,” but did not mention Russia's invasion.

Hurricane Lee charges over Atlantic waters as a Category 5 storm, approaching the Caribbean

Hurricane Lee is whirling through open waters toward the northeast Caribbean becoming the first Category 5 storm of the Atlantic season.

Ex-FTX executive Ryan Salame to plead guilty to criminal charges

The likely plea comes less than a month before FTX co-founder Sam Bankman-Fried is due to stand trial on charges that he orchestrated a multibillion dollar fraud.

EU targets Apple, Amazon, Meta, and other Big Tech in next phase of digital crackdown

Google parent Alphabet, Facebook owner Meta, and TikTok parent ByteDance also were classified as online “gatekeepers” subject to the strictest requirements of the 27-nation EU’s Digital Markets Act. The list of do’s and don’ts seeks to prevent tech giants from cornering digital markets, with the threat of whopping fines or even forcing companies to sell of parts of their business to operate in Europe.

Google reaches tentative settlement with 36 states and DC over alleged app store monopoly

The agreement, cited in a court filing late Tuesday by both sides, is subject to approval by the state attorneys general and the board of directors of Google’s parent company, the execution of an agreement, and court approval.