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Best of 2012

10 most popular stories

Mitt Romney
David L. Ryan / Globe Staff 1993
Mitt Romney.

Elections dominated the 2012 news landscape, and it showed in the results of our most popular list. More than half of the top 10 Boston Globe stories dealt with either the presidential or local Senate election.

However, the Globe offered plenty for readers who weren’t engrossed in politics. The list also featured a goodbye column from storied sportswriter Bob Ryan, a fascinating breakdown of the Patriots offense by football writer Greg Bedard, and two deep-think pieces from our Ideas section. Below is the full list of the most popular stories of 2012.

1. Romney rejected new birth certificates for gay parents (10/25) When he was governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney insisted that his top legal staff individually review the circumstances of every birth to same-sex parents.


2. Bob Ryan says goodbye after 44 years (8/12) Ryan started as a summer intern in 1968, fulfilled a fantasy of working for the Boston Globe, and now bids farewell to readers.

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3. Mitt Romney stayed at Bain 3 years longer than he stated (7/12) Romney has asserted he left the firm in 1999, but records show Bain listed him on government filings as the man in charge through 2002.

4. Presidential predictors puzzled by tossup states (10/20) Out of 538 Electoral College votes, prognosticators say, from 36 to 131 votes — up to 11 states — are too close to call.

5. Opinion | Panic sets in at the White House (6/18) The White House and the Obama campaign have been exposed as adrift and out of touch.

6. Filings add to questions on Warren’s ethnic claims (5/25) Documents suggest that Elizabeth Warren was repeatedly classified as Native American in a way that apparently did not adhere to federal diversity guidelines.


7. With 1 word, Patriots’ no-huddle an NFL marvel (10/9) Powered by a single word at the line of scrimmage, the Patriots’ impressive no-huddle offense, relying heavily on college football trends, is helping to change the pro game.

8. What is YOLO? Only teenagers know for sure (8/26) YOLO: Right now, it’s a teen slang craze so hot that the kids themselves are fighting about it. Yet if you're over 25, you’ve probably never even heard the word.

9. An ABC proof too tough even for mathematicians (11/4) In Kyoto, a solitary thinker unveils a solution that’s either a dizzying advance — or a blind alley.

10. Elizabeth Warren: A girl who soared, but longed to belong (2/12) Elizabeth Warren grew up amid the infinite expanse of Oklahoma, the finite expectations of her place and time, and financial pain at home. The lessons of those years still drive her.