From the archives | Aug. 15

Babe Ruth beats Walter Johnson in great pitching duel

By all odds the most interesting baseball game played at Fenway Park this year was provided yesterday afternoon, the champion Red Sox nosing out the Senators, 1 to 0, in 13 innings.

Walter Johnson was on the mound for the visitors and was never in better form or showed more stuff.

He was frequently cheered by the crowd, who figured that he was showing invincible form and, seemingly, overlooked the fact that “Babe” Ruth was going strong, clearing outpointing Johnson at the finish.


The winning run was driven in by Larry Gardner in the 13th, an inning that gave the crowd plenty of thrills and a finish that sent the fans home delighted.

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In the last session, with one out, Morgan reached first safely on Janvrin’s wild throw to first. Morgan was given second on a supposed balk by Ruth. The Boston players made a vigorous protest, for Ruth was not on the rubber at the time but Nallon was obdurate.

A hit would have meant a lot of damage at this stage. Milan smashed a liner that Hobby froze to and cut to Janvrin at second for an important double play, and the danger was passed.

Jack Barry led off for the Red Sox with an infield single. Duffy Lewis swung hard and missed, Then he tried to bunt and missed, finally striking out on a curve two feet wide of the plate. Hobby flied out to center and then Walker put new life into the game by smashing a sharp single to center, sending Barry around to third.

It was up to Larry Gardner and the crowd gave the Vermonter a rousing cheer as he walked to the plate.


Larry has already contributed a single and a true triple, and to crown his day’s work he met the first ball sent up on the center, driving it out between right and center for a safe hit and the game, one of the finest played here this season.

Babe Ruth pitched every bit as good as Johnson did and finished stronger, for the one run made by Boston was earned on three safe drives by Barry, Walker and Gardner.