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John Philip Sousa’s band performs at Fenway Park

Lieut Commander John Philip Sousa and his famous band gave their opening concert of the season in this city at Fenway Park yesterday afternoon. The band drew an audience of nearly 4,000 persons.

The program was along the lines of a regular Sousa concert with a few added attractions, among which were some of the leader’s most recent compositions. In each instance the audience loudly applauded the numbers, especially the xylophone solo by George J. Carey, the vocal solos given by Miss Marjorie Moody and the cornet solo so well presented by John Dolan.

Sousa himself was the center of much attention and received much applause as the band played his composition, “The Stars and Stripes Forever.” The cheering lasted nearly five minutes, after which the leader stood at attention and saluted the audience in true Naval fashion.