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Red Sox to use Braves Field on Sundays

Revere’s hopes of big league games seem ended

There is now practically no doubt that the Red Sox will play their Sunday and holiday games, which are scheduled to be played in Boston, at Braves Field.

A meeting of Judge Landis, high commissioner of baseball, Pres Barnard of the American League, Pres Heydler of the National League, and Judge Fuchs, president of the Braves, took place recently in New York at which the proposition was discussed, since a small part of Fenway Park is within 1,000 feet of a church, and so, according to the specifications in the Sunday sports law, is not available for Sunday games.

Braves agree to plan


On the basis of what took place at the New York conferences, Pres Quinn on Saturday wrote to Judge Fuchs, who is at the Florida training camp of the Braves, proposing an arrangement by which the Red Sox could use Braves Field on Sundays and holidays, and naming the conditions on which the Red Sox would like to get the privilege.

A dispatch received by the Globe after midnight this morning from St Petersburg said that Mr. Quinn’s proposition was perfectly satisfactory to Judge Fuchs and the Boston National League club.

On account of the lateness of the hour it was not deemed advisable to inquire of Mr Quinn if he, too, had received telegraph notice of the acceptance of his terms.

Nevertheless it appears that this matter is now definitely settled.

Pres Quinn announced early last night that he could give a delegation from Revere which called upon him yesterday with a proposition to have the Red Sox Sunday and holiday games played at a park which they would build at the beach, no definite reply until he had heard from Judge Fuchs. The latter’s answer probably kills Revere’s hopes of seeing major league baseball this year.


Revere men’s offer

The Red Sox owner was visited at his Fenway Park offices by Mayor Andrew A. Casassa of Revere and president of the First National Bank of that city; Joshua Harron, president of the Revere Trust Company. C.F. Chisholm, secretary of the Revere Chamber of Commerce, and J.F. Carven and C.J. Many of Coleman Bros, Inc, contractors.

The Coleman Bros Company controls a tract of land off the State boulevard, near the Revere State Bathhouse station, which includes nearly 20 acres. The parcel is practically on the State boulevard.

The proposal to Mr Quinn was that he agree to have the Red Sox play their Sunday games on a baseball field which would be built immediately on the grounds formerly used by an amusement company, which is not far from the present outdoor bicycle track.

The interested in the project have been for a long time considering the building of a huge open-air stadium, in which all sorts of sports may be conducted.