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Redskins triumph in debut at Fenway Park

Giants beaten when Edwards blocks second try for extra point

The Redskins debuted in Fenway Park against the New York Giants. Courtesy of Boston Public Library/Boston Globe

Playing truly sensation football at times, the Boston Redskins opened their five-game home stay at Fenway Park yesterday, turning back Harry Newman and his New York Giants by the tense and exciting score of 21 to 20.

Great runs, marvelous spot forward passing and beautiful blocking featured the game, with the Boston outfit playing its way right into the hearts of some 15,000 assembled fans.

Newman came, saw and was conquered, is one way it could be put. This boy from Michigan did his stuff with the ball yesterday and contributed a startling 50 yards one way and 80 yards up the field run for a touchdown, but it wasn’t enough. Six touchdowns were made, by six different players, but the difference was that the home eleven converted its trio of scores, and the Giants, thanks for Glenn Edwards, missed their second try. That block by Edwards was the big point of the day.

Redskins backs shine


Gyp Battles and Jim “Sweet” Musick, big favorites last year, picked up right where they lift off, while Ernie Pinckert, 1932’s disappointment, proved that he will be in there every minute this year, (60 yesterday) and be the best blocking back around. Marger Aspit, Rabbit Weiler, who ran 40 yards for a score, and Roy Horstmann, new backs, also hit the right spot with the crowd, and in fact, the Redskins presented a fine, hard working, well knit eleven.

The crowd liked the game, the announcing was perfect, and enough touchdowns were made to suit anybody.

The game opened with the Redskins hitting the tackles for a couple of first downs, but an intercepted pass at the 50 called a halt. The Giants could not get rolling, and after a couple of kicks, the Bostons were on their 14-yard line. Len Grant recovered a fumble for New York on the Redskin 12-yard line.


Newman wriggled a yard, and Own was stopped for no gain. Then a pass, Newman to Feather, put the ball on the one-foot line. Bo Molenda crashed tackle to a bare touchdown, and then held the ball for Newman to kick and it was 7 to 0.

Battles reeled off 47 yards two plays after the kickoff, but the Bostons were held off. As the period ended the Redskins were on their way again, having a first down on the Giants’ 21.

This rush ended when Bill Morgan intercepted a pass. Running the Giant kickout back 18 yards to the Boston 48 and then romping for 37 yards to the Giant 12, Battles promptly gave the Redskins another shot. Though the Giants were penalized five yards for having 12 men on the field, the Redskins try wound up on the 17-yard line. Again kicking, Strong booted outside on his 37-yard line.

Musick knots count

A pass, Apsit to Musick, was good for 20 yards, and after two rushes had made six and lost three and a lateral netted nothing, Musick smashed through to the Giant four. Musick carried the ball twice and was on the one-inch line. Musick again, and it was a touchdown. He, with Apsit holding, booted the tying point.

Soon afterward Rabbit Weller, behind beautiful blocking, especially by Jim Kamp at the Giant 30, beat the entire Giant team to the goal line for another Boston score after a nine 40-yard dash. He also place-kicked the extra point, and it was 14 to 7, Boston.


The half ended that way, but the third period had hardly begun when the Giants arose in their wrath. Boston received, kicked to midfield, and Clancy kicked back to the nine. Another kick again to the 50, and the Giants started.

It was a pass, Clancy to Flaherty, with the wing getting to the Boston 16. McBride rushed for five, Clancy for four, and Clancy again for no gain.

On fourth down, Clancy belted the line and went over, but fumbled, and in the mad scramble Campbell recovered for a Giant touchdown.

Edwards then became a hero. Rushing in like a streak he blocked Newman’s try for the extra point.

Boston sews up game

The Redskins received the kickoff for a touchback, and marched right down for a score. Battles, Pinckert and Musick, carried and then all three repeated. Just when the attack threatened to bog down, Musick fought his way to the six-yard line, first down. Musick rushed, three times here, and gained four yards. Then Battles went out, taking the short side of the line, near the sidelines, as his lane. He also kicked the extra point, his second of the game.

That put the Giants on the spot. More than one touchdown was needed to win, and they fought hard for it, but only got one score.

Right after the third Braves score, the Giants started moving, but the [drive] ended with a Ken Strong attempt at a field goal, which was low, and when the ball came to a halt, it was on the one yard line.


The Bostons got out of that, and as the period was closing, a Giant pass went incomplete for a touchback. Taking the kickout, Newman started tossing passes again, and the Giants soon were on the Boston 19, but at this point the Giants got all messed up and Strong tried another field goal, but it was wide. Hokuf then intercepted a pass and the Redskins booted down to the Giant 15.

Strong, standing on his five, passed to Newman, who received on the 20. Stepping on the 20-yard line, all the way across the field flew Newman. Five yards from the opposite sidelines, he swerved and started towards the Boston goal. Eighty yards, and he made it, a beautiful sprint. The Giants kicked the goal, making it 21-20 but the Redskins stopped everything else they offered and came out on top.