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Babe Ruth, Ted Williams face off in Fenway exhibition

Service All-Stars win 9-8 in annual Fenway fiesta

As two of baseball’s greatest figures went “all out” for the benefit of under-privileged children, the fifth annual Mayor Tobin Field Day proved a tremendous success yesterday at Fenway Park before 18,000 fans.

It mattered little that once the mighty Bambino failed to turn back the years and keep pace with his youthful opponent, Boston’s Ted Williams. The combination of Father Time and elongated Ted’s terrific bat proved too much for the gallant and courageous Ruth, who tried in vain to please his hordes of predominantly youthful admirers in his efforts to connect with a Red Barrett pitch into “Ruthville.”

A five-hour program of thrilling events featuring the Service All-Stars’ exciting, 9 to 8, victory over Casey Stengel’s Braves, highlighted by Williams’ prodigious clout into the unpopulated center field bleacher sector, kept the enthusiastic crowd in buoyant mood despite the terrific humidity.


After the game a nifty drilling exhibition by the WAC’s of the 1st Service Command pleased the crowd no end.

Hitting practice of both teams drew O’s and ah’s as many balls went flying off the left field fence toward the right field stands. Williams and Ruth drew down rousing hands from the onlookers. The big Babe still “owns” Boston.

Ruth wore a white Yankee home uniform, while Ted was attired in the customary Red Sox road outfit. … Ruth and Williams swing at serves tossed up by the Braves’ Red Barrett. Ted, hitting first, and looking very natural and loose as ever at the dish, was fed 18 pitches and drove three into home-run land in right field, fouling off all others but one pitch he passed up. Ted sent Barrett’s third serve high up into the right field stands over the bullpen -- 15 rows up. He still has the knack.

Ruth pleases youngsters

The Babe, swinging a bat on a bad trick knee for the first time since last September, passed up 12 of Barrett’s serves, swung on 10, missing four and hits the others, but not with the power of old.


However, despite fouling a sharp drive against his instep, Ruth continued to try and hit one for his hordes of admirers in the stands, many of the youngsters present, viewing him for the first time. He was forced to give up and limp away. He received a tremendous hand.

Ruth, limping perceptibly, nevertheless inserted himself as a pinch-hitter in the Service Stars-Braves game and flied to Cuccinnello. The great Bambino certainly outdid himself.