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Bob Ryan

Going through the sports thought process

It’s time for the Patriots to pay Wes Welker, Bob Ryan says. Charles Krupa/AP

Emptying Out the Desk Drawer of the Sports Mind:

No need to alert the Better Business Bureau about any false advertising. They definitely sent us the real Bobby Valentine.

An MVP for Rajon Rondo may be a reach, but how about second-team All-NBA?

The vagaries of baseball: If Jacoby Ellsbury isn’t running with the pitch, and if the ball isn’t hit directly at the second base bag . . . if those things aren’t happening simultaneously, life goes on and he is still in the lineup.

Do we all have to don our Wes Welker jerseys, picket Gillette Stadium, and implore those folks down there to simply PAY THE MAN!?


What’s not to like about Dennis Seidenberg?

If Big Papi loses any more weight, people will start to confuse him with Ben Oglivie.

Who, by the way, hit one of my all-time favorite Fenway home runs when he put one down the runway in Section 1.

We all know Roy Halladay is good. But he’s better than that. He is so-relentlessly-consistently-good-it’s-easy-to-underestimate-how-good-he-is-first-ballot-Hall-of-Fame good.

What eligibility rules? Only in hockey could a Chris Kreider be in a Boston College uniform on April 7 and in a Stanley Cup playoff game on April 16.

The great side benefit of Kevin Garnett defending rival centers is that he can be even more of a defensive quarterback than is possible on the perimeter. And he does have a Mensa-level basketball IQ.

If I know my Big Apple confreres, there are about 10 books in the works on the never-ending soap opera that is the 2011-12 New York Knicks.

Inquiring minds want to know two things: 1. When did the hand-slapping start on the free throw line? 2. Who was the first pitcher to point skyward in a Tattoo manner (“De plane! De plane!’’) every time a ball is hit in the air?


How is it possible that the late Sherm Feller is not a member of the Red Sox Hall of Fame?

Bubba Watson looks like a cross between Jimmy Connors and a member of the Bay City Rollers.

Every penny wasted on this Roger Clemens trial is an insult to every United States taxpayer. Whose interests would be served if this doofus were actually put in jail?

Subject: New Orleans Saints. They’ll need an interim coach for an interim coach. Reminds me of the time in St. Louis I had a press box seat that was an obstructed view of an obstructive view. Ask the Herald’s Steve Buckley. He remembers.

There are many great sports announcers in our midst. But the one whose amazing ability to synthesize the action with graceful use of the mother tongue while providing insight and the requisite amount of emotion in a volatile sport, and who thus stands a bit above the pack, is the irreplaceable Doc Emrick. Hockey is lucky to have him. Truth be told, we all are.

Is Tim Duncan the Nicklas Lidstrom of basketball, or is Nicklas Lidstrom the Tim Duncan of hockey? What winning knowledge is lodged in those two brains!

Jerry Remy is in danger of losing his locker room cred. Heard him, on the air, use the word “well’’ in its proper context the other day. That ain’t good.

Wouldn’t it be nice if, in ultimate tribute to the 100th anniversary of Fenway’s first game, the Red Sox and Yankees play a two-hour game Friday?


(We all know there’s a better chance of Bill Belichick becoming a master tweeter.)

Friday is the 26th anniversary of Michael Jordan’s 63-point Game 2 playoff outburst. It’s always fun to remind people that the Celtics actually won the game.

You know, it really is conceivable that Kentucky could have beaten the Bobcats, one time, with helpful refs, in Rupp Arena. And I’ve never said that about any college team, against any NBA team, before.

Mayor Menino should give Jerry York a lifetime something. Free parking, free Pops tickets, lifetime subscription to the Globe. But something.

Not too early to remind you that you owe your kids at least one trip to Pawtucket this summer. It’s a great experience, and they will be able to say they saw Jose Iglesias and Will Middlebrooks when.

Want a little education? Go to YouTube and type in “Bobby Valentine dancing.’’ Then get back to me.

Nats-Dodgers NLCS. You heard it here first.

There was only one Ken Dryden. The Bruins will get to Braden Holtby.

Bob Ryan is a Globe columnist and host of Globe 10.0 on Boston.com. He can be reached at ryan@globe.com.