Dan Shaughnessy

Dale Sveum was skipped over by Red Sox

CHICAGO - Did he use the wrong salad fork? Did he inadvertently spit tobacco juice on John Henry’s wing tips, or tell everybody he hated “The Cosby Show’’? Perhaps he made some joke about Thurston Howell III, or maybe he said, “You know I always thought Theo Epstein should have gotten more credit for us winning the World Series in 2004.’’

All we know is that something went horribly wrong when Dale Sveum had lunch with Henry, Tom Werner, Larry Lucchino, and Ben Cherington in Milwaukee last November. The lunch was just a couple of blocks from the Pfister Hotel, where baseball folk from all 30 teams were plotting their futures. By the time Sveum finished his dessert at Ward’s House of Prime, he no doubt had a pretty good idea that he was not going to be the manager of the Boston Red Sox.

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