Sports championships during the David Stern era

The NBA has had only eight teams win championships since commissioner David Stern’s tenure began in February 1984. (Stern announced Thursday that he will retire Feb. 1, 2014.) A look at how many champions the four major sports have had during the Stern era (since Feb. 1984):

MLB18Yankees, 5; Twins, Blue Jays, Red Sox, Cardinals, Marlins, 2; Tigers, Royals, Mets, Dodgers, A’s, Reds, Braves, Diamondbacks, Angels, White Sox, Phillies, Giants, 1.
NHL15Oilers, 5; Red Wings, 4; Devils, Penguins, 3; Canadiens, Avalanche, 2; Flames, Rangers, Stars, Lightning, Hurricanes, Ducks, Blackhawks, Bruins, Kings, 1.
NFL14Giants, 49ers, 4; Cowboys, Patriots, 3; Redskins, Packers, Broncos, Steelers, 2; Bears, Rams, Ravens, Buccaneers, Colts, Saints, 1.
NBA8Lakers, 8; Bulls, 6; Spurs, 4; Celtics, Pistons, 3; Rockets, Heat, 2; Mavericks, 1.

* Both MLB (1994) and the NHL (2004-05) failed to award a championship in one season during Stern’s era because of labor-related work stoppages.