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Rob Gronkowski broke forearm in new spot

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski had season-ending surgery Monday.
Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski had season-ending surgery Monday.Jessica Rinaldi/Reuters

According to a team source, tight end Rob Gronkowski Sunday landed on the end of the plate that was protecting the inside of the left forearm he fractured Nov. 18, breaking the forearm in a new spot.

The source also said Gronkowski, who had season-ending surgery Monday, was completely healed from the original fracture and it took a perfect storm for the new break to occur. Plates generally are kept in for 12-18 months, and sometimes indefinitely.

Belichick was terse with reporters when asked about the decision to allow Gronkowski to play Sunday.

Asked if to the best of his knowledge Gronkowski was 100 percent ready to play, Belichick said, “I covered that [Sunday], he was cleared medically. I don’t have anything to add to it.’’


Was he told there was any added risk putting Gronkowski on the field? “I have nothing to add to it,’’ he replied.

When asked about the process he used to evaluate whether an injured player was ready or not, a clearly agitated Belichick replied, “I . . . have . . . nothing . . . to . . . add . . . to . . . it.’’