Night at the Fights

Framingham’s Danny O’Connor lands tough victory

Light welterweight Danny O’Connor (right) connected on enough shots like this to defeat Derek Silveira in the main event at TD Garden.
Barry Chin/ Globe Staff
Light welterweight Danny O’Connor (right) connected on enough shots like this to defeat Derek Silveira in the main event at TD Garden.

At some point in the arduous 10-round light welterweight fight that was the main event at Saturday’s “Night at the Fights” at TD Garden, you would have thought either Danny O’Connor or Derek Silveira would have run out of gas.

The flurries were furious, the punches were punishing, and each blow was practically palpable for every one of the 4,200 fans in attendance.

In the end, O’Connor was just enough better, at least as far as two of the three judges were concerned, as the Framingham native earned a majority decision to improve to 20-1-0.


One judge saw it as a draw at 95-95, but the others scored it for O’Connor at 100-89 and 97-93.

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“He was a tough opponent,’’ said O’Connor of Silveira (8-1), who hails from Salem. “He was hungry, he was young, and all the respect to him.’’

O’Connor did a thorough job of punishing Silveira’s face, causing his nose to bleed throughout the fight. He also was landing shots to Silveira’s midsection.

“I was getting really antsy to knock him out,’’ O’Connor said. “I think when you’re looking for the knockout instead of letting it come, more often it doesn’t come, so I was getting a little anxious trying to stop him.

“I got a little bit away from the game plan, but luckily the two judges saw it the way it really was and I got the victory.’’


Prior to the fight, O’Connor discussed how excited he was to get a chance to fight at TD Garden and what that meant to him. When asked afterward if it lived up to that dream-type experience, O’Connor didn’t hesitate.

“It was amazing,’’ he said. “I have been dreaming about this even before boxing. Any sport you play, you think about doing it in the Garden if you’re from around here. To be here tonight, there are so many special people working for Team O’Connor. I got to go in the ring and take the credit, but there are so many more people. So many special people made this happen.

“It’s great for the City of Boston, it’s great for the amateurs who got to fight here. It really was an amazing night.’’

O’Connor said he’s going to take the next little while to reacquaint himself with his wife and his toddler son and then will decide the next move.

“I haven’t seen my wife and kid in 4½ months,’’ said O’Connor, who was training in Houston with the renowned Ronnie Shields. “I’m going to go home tomorrow, put my phone away, and just be present in the day with my son and wife, and I’ll be back in the gym on Monday.


“I’m going to stick around in Boston as long as I can before I have to back to training camp. The life of a fighter, I’ll go back to the drawing board for the mistakes I made tonight and keep moving from there.’’

Nancy Marrapese-Burrell can be reached at

Nancy Marrapese-Burrell can be reached at