On Second Thought

Tweets from around the sports world

Robert Parish is in the market for a high-paying job.
Stan Grossfeld/Globe Staff
Robert Parish is in the market for a high-paying job.

Some tweets that come to mind while watching endless hours of PGA programming this weekend from sunny Pebble Beach. What a cruel joke for those of us digging out of driveways, not fairways.

  For a guy in need of a few bucks, Curt Schilling should have saved his PED revelation for his book. See Terry Francona for pricing secrets.

  Stan Musial and Earl Weaver arrive within hours of each other at heaven’s gate. Which one rang doorbell, then bolted?


  Brent Musburger. Who knew that 73 is the new 13?

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 NFL’s ambitious “Play 60’’ initiative reminds kids to stay active, fit, trim. Now how do we get about 150 current NFL linemen to join program?

 If six wins in a row with Rajon Rondo hors de combat doesn’t tell Danny Ainge something, then maybe the battle’s lost.

  I’m guessing Gloria Steinem is way overbooked and won’t be able to keynote the Tufts men’s lacrosse awards banquet.

  Sign upon entering Bass Pro Shops in Foxborough: “Check Guns and Bows With Greeter.’’ Bullets, arrows, knives, dead black bear optional.


  Lindsey Vonn rumored to be dating Tiger Woods. Vonn crashes in heap, rips up knee, fractures shin. Vonn considers options.

 If the Jamaican bobsled team arrives in Sochi with German accents, then mahn, Volkswagen’s got itself a winner.

  Agreed, the Krafts deserve tons of credit for making pigskin paramount in our town. But it was way more fun and unscripted with the Sullivans.

  God made a farmer, and also made Walter the pink-cheeked geeky tech kid in GoDaddy Super Bowl commercial. God needs help in HR dept.

  John Lackey looks better, sounds focused, sincere. Well-liked in clubhouse. Just don’t see him as the glue to the Sox rotation.


  February 2014 daily updates from Sochi Olympics. Live from edge of Black Sea. Sort of Lillehammer minus the everything.

  R.I.P., snowmobiler Caleb Moore, first fatality in X Games history. We too easily forget the X’s inherent dangers.

  Forty years ago Feb. 28, my first night as Globe copy boy. Boss’s handwritten note to copy editors introduced me as a “last resort.’’

  An ebullient LeBron James during Heat’s White House visit: “Mom, I made it!’’ The big guy gets easier to like.

  I’ll match your two Harbaughs and raise you four Sutters. Now, fold cards, walk away before there’s trouble in the barn, son.

  OK, the Glenn Ordway-Janet Prensky duo lacked a certain something. But still no regular female cohost on Boston sports talk?

  If steady doses of deer antler velvet aerosol add muscle mass, imagine how an extra-strength elk or moose spray would fill out your shirt.

  Robert Parish wants a job, not a handout, something above that piddling $80,000 Celts PR job. Somewhere, cigar smoke streams from Red’s ears.

  Adam Oates may make it one day as an NHL bench boss. Question now is whether he’ll make it beyond this weekend as Caps coach.

  People talk for weeks around here leading up to the departure of Red Sox equipment truck. And we laugh at NASCAR fans?

  Kevin Garnett now with 25,000 points and counting. But does he make your Celtics all-time starting five? Didn’t think so.

  Wish a rich American NHLer would buy Mike Eruzione’s USA ’80 sweater, then donate it to Hockey Hall of Fame. Miracle. Saved.

  Uh, Gronk, two roads diverged in a yellow wood. This would be a good time to pick one. It’s a long walk. Maybe bring a shirt.

  Ray Allen, that guy in the office everyone likes, admires. Gets taken for granted because he’s busier being a pro than a show.

  Dave Goucher doesn’t make me forget Bob Wilson’s radio call of Bruins games, but his pipes and pace are exquisite. Both master craftsmen.

 Super Bowl ’14 is in East Rutherford, N.J. If lights go out for half-hour, Governor Chris Christie claims nacho stand by eminent domain.

 Time for BBWAA writers to bow out of Baseball Hall of Fame voting while they’re among the few in game with dignity intact.

  Beyonce? Bump, grind, pander. Jennifer Hudson and the Sandy Hook kids singing “America the Beautiful’’? Owned the stage.

  Junior Seau, tragedy. Greater tragedy, parents denying mounting evidence, exposing kids to potential brain damage on football field.

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