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BC players explain Beanpot euphoria

BC players began to celebrate after winning the Beanpot.
Stan Grossfeld/Globe Staff
BC players began to celebrate after winning the Beanpot.

Every Sunday, Boston Globe photographer Stan Grossfeld asks the subject of one of his photos to explain what’s happening in the shot.

Who’s up today: Members of the BC men’s hockey, after winning the Beanpot.

Parker Milner (senior, Goalie, center of photo):

“I was excited. The Beanpot is so exciting. Billy (Arnold) came in first and he fell, he tripped on someone’s helmet, maybe mine. And then I’m tripping on Bill trying not to step on him. Brownies up really high. He kind of jumped on me as I was kind of falling a little bit. I stayed up. It was difficult. There was guys trying to bring me down but I was trying hard to stay up. I didn’t want to slice my teammate open after winning the Beanpot.

“It was incredible the way the game went, a little up and down but just to pull through and to do it as a senior was really special.”

Patrick Brown (junior, leaping at right):


“It never gets old winning the Beanpot. Everyone’s just screaming like “that’s it boys…way to go.” It’s so exciting. My heart rate was pretty high. I wasn’t on the ice. Me and Bill Arnold might have jumped off the bench maybe a second before the game ended just to get a head start. We were racing as fast as we could to get to Mils (goalie Parker Milner). I just jumped into Mils to give him a hug but then I saw Bill fell at the last second-he got hit with a piece of equipment. I was nervous people were going to step on him when we dog piled. So I kind of landed right in front of him and kind of stood over him trying to like make sure everyone else didn’t fall on him.

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“So I went from raw excitement to concern for a second. I guess my finger got hooked in Mikey’s (Matheson’s) helmet. That looked funny and I’m not sure how that happened. I didn’t feel it. I think I was just trying to give everyone a hug. “

Michael Matheson (freshman, left):

“The biggest thing going through my head is how special it was to know that we had just won the Beanpot. It was crazy. The thought that went through my head was that this was the fourth consecutive time for some of the guys and they are still as excited as I am right now. “

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