Golf tip: A good swing is about the turn

Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods practices his swing.

There are plenty of golf components one must pay attention to when learning how to play: basic fundamentals such as grip, stance, and swing; rules of the game (even Tiger Woods could use a refresher course, apparently); and etiquette.

Mike Albrecht, head professional at Newton Commonwealth Golf Course, says that an important part of the golf swing, especially for beginners, is feeling the body turn and having the arms swing the club. He offers a drill to reinforce this part of the swing.

Albrecht writes:


“When new players are beginning to learn the swinging motion, I feel that after establishing a fundamental grip, the most important next step is to learn how to turn your core and swing your arms. I have the student take the club by the shaft and rest the grip end on their belly button, and take a relaxed stance with feet at shoulder width. We now begin to turn right and left while keeping both feet in place; this gives the student the feeling of the turn.

“The final step is to release the trailing foot onto the toe to get the complete turn. By starting with this drill at the beginning of each practice session, especially for beginners, the reinforcement has shown to be very helpful.”

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