Quarterbacks at a glance

Geno SmithWest Virginia6-2½2184.561
Terrific all-around athlete who possesses a wide array of physical skills to function in any scheme. Smart, but reading defenses will be key to long-term success.
Ryan NassibSyracuse6-22274.951-2
Has succeeded in different schemes. Strong arm with ability to fit ball in tight spaces. Moves well. Very smart and a leader. Delivery needs polishing.
Matt BarkleyUSC 6-2½2274.901-2
Four-year starter and captain who is well-versed in pro-style offense. Accurate with deft deep touch. Similar to Chad Pennington but stronger. Poor senior season lingers.
E.J. ManuelFlorida St.6-4½2374.652-3
Certainly looks the part physically and statistically (68 percent completions). Needs some polish with motion and reads to accentuate positives.
Mike GlennonN.C. State6-72254.962-3
Old-school pocket passer with big arm and slow feet. Only completed 58.5 percent of passes last season. Accuracy issues tied to footwork, especially under pressure.
Tyler WilsonArkansas6-22154.952-3
Smart, tough player in command of his play and scheme. Won’t force the issue. Best fit is West Coast offense. Doesn’t drive the ball well.
Tyler Bray*Tennessee6-62325.053-4
Has starter height and arm strength — can look effortless winging the ball — but character and leadership issues abound. If he gets head on straight, high ceiling.
Landry JonesOklahoma6-42255.034-5
Looked like a top-10 pick after stellar sophomore season. Flaws emerged later as he needs a clean pocket and short, horizontal passes to succeed. Streaky.
Zac DysertMiami (Ohio)6-32135.004-5
Consistent college player who is well-rounded in all facets of the game. Doesn’t possess many outstanding skills. Will need to sharpen reads and anticipation.
Matt ScottArizona6-22134.656-7
Terrific athlete, best prospect for a zone read system. Lacks prototype arm strength. Will need time to acclimate to pro systems.

Best of the rest: Sean Renfree, Duke (6-3, 219, 4.95, 6-7); Brad Sorensen, Southern Utah (6-4½ , 229, 4.97, 6-7); Colby Cameron, Louisiana Tech (6-2, 212, 4.75, 6-7); Ryan Griffin, Tulane (6-4, 216, 4.96, 6-7), Jordan Rodgers, Vanderbilt (6-1, 212, 4.90, 7-FA).

* Underclassman