NFL draft capsules: Linebackers

Ezekial AnsahBYU6-5½2714.641
Phenomenal athlete who is still learning the nuances of the game after starting football in 2010. Has the talent to play outside linebacker but struggles with processing the game. Huge upside.
Jarvis Jones*Georgia6-2½2454.961
Ultra-productive playmaker (24.5 tackles for a loss, 14.5 sacks, 7 forced fumbles) in the SEC, the toughest conference. Diagnosed with spinal stenosis. Health and timed speed are question marks.
Manti Te’oNotre Dame6-12414.751-2
Stellar football player who doesn’t wow with physical attributes. Just knows how to play. Developed coverage ability. Outstanding leader and worker.
Alec Ogletree*Georgia6-2½2424.681-2
Explosive player who moves extremely well and has positional/scheme versatility. Size and getting off blocks are issues. Pre-combine DUI arrest and maturity cloud future.
Kevin Minter*LSU6-0 2464.812
Smart, instinctive inside linebacker who is best against the run but has continuously improved. Size will be an issue. Had terrific final season, so there are “one-year wonder” worries.
Arthur BrownKansas State6-0½2414.682
Fearless, smart, and tough player who is a 4-3 weak-side or 3-4 inside linebacker. Three-down player who tackles and covers well. Size and getting off pro blockers are top issues.
Sio MooreUConn6-12444.652
Arguably the top athlete at the position. Combine speed, strength, and scheme versatility with impeccable work ethic and character, there’s a lot to like.
Khaseem GreeneRutgers6-12414.682-3
Could be in demand by teams ahead of the game and looking for versatility. A converted safety, he makes plays in a variety of ways. Size an issue for some teams. Slow feet for size.
Kevin ReddickNorth Carolina6-1½2434.712-3
A frustrating player because he looks the part of an impact ILB at times, then sometimes his play wanes. Well-built and a good (but not great) athlete. Plays with an edge.
Jon BosticFlorida6-12454.613-4
Strong and thick playmaker who is a hard hitter and can be explosive at times. Really came on as a senior and then tested great. Doesn’t play as well as he looks. Not a consistent player.
Steve BeauharnaisRutgers6-12404.854-5
Well-rounded player who brings toughness and smarts. Had great short shuttle and three-cone times, which shows agility — but he hasn’t shown it on film. Bit of an inside/outside tweener.

Best of the rest: Kiko Alonso, Oregon (6-3½, 238, 4.68, 4-5), Jamie Collins, Southern Mississippi (6-3½, 250, 4.60, 4-5), Trevardo Williams, UConn (6-1½, 241, 4.58, 4-5), Gerald Hodges, Penn State (6-1, 243, 4.70, 4-5), Jelani Jenkins, Florida* (6-½, 243, 4.75, 5-6), Sean Porter, Texas A&M (6-1½, 229, 4.70, 5-6), Nico Johnson, Alabama (6-2, 250, 4.74, 5-6), A.J. Klein, Iowa State (6-1½, 250, 4.68, 5-6), Michael Mauti, Penn State (6-2, 243, 4.78, 6-7).