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    On Second Thought

    In Twitter style, outtakes on sports world

    One more 140-character (or less) Twitter twirl around the sports world, while wondering what’s harder — to win a Stanley Cup without a power play or an NBA title without a point guard?

     Inning by inning, the sanity and stability of John Farrell underscore just how unglued the 2012 Red Sox season was under Bobby Valentine.

     Three best days of boat ownership: 3. Day you buy it; 2. Day you sell it; 1. Day terrorist punk climbs aboard, sails up river to life sentence.


     If all David Ortiz needs is a 2-3 week bye each season to hit the ball like this, by all means, tell Big Papi that fashionably late is OK.

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     Carmelo Anthony’s a ball hog, but he’s fun to watch. Ditto for Raymond Felton. Even greater fun to watch the rest of Knicks watch them.

     Alcor, the Scottsdale cryonics firm that froze Ted Williams over 10 years ago, in April placed its 117th patient in deep freeze.

     Former Patriot Irving Fryar in March officially became head football coach of Robbinsville (NJ) High School. Games assuredly to follow.

     Soccer’s not my thing, but I sometimes click on Euro games for those blissful 5-8 seconds when announcers shut up, let game talk.


     Ex-Leaf GM Brian Burke sues 18 anonymous posters for defamation via the internet. Names of accused include “Slobberface,’’ “Mowerman.’’

     Jim Nill, after long run in Detroit, hired last week as new GM of Dallas Stars. Hub headline in 1986: “Bruins Get Nill for McNab.’’

     Wishing old pal Joe Gordon, ex- of Patriot Ledger and Boston Herald, full recovery from recent setback. Get joltin’, Joe.

     Boston Marathon ’14 should be a respectful Sat-Sun-Mon ceremony, a “Boston Free Party.’’ Let’s add finish line to the Freedom Trail.

     So little puckhandling in today’s NHL. “Pass the puck” has morphed into “pass the buck.” No one wants responsibility that comes with it.


     Robert, Jonathan Kraft waving rally flags at Bruins games. Adorable. Can’t picture Jeremy, Charlie Jacobs doing same in Foxborough.

     Not sure, be in awe of Bruins’ change in playoff demeanor or contact Dept. of Mental Health for suspected group personality disorder?

     Bravo for Jason Collins and for Sports Illustrated, too. For all the ways to express ourselves, funny how printed word always speaks best.

     Finding Gronk’s shirt should qualify as an Official Team Activity.

     Jacoby Ellsbury could leave for bigger bucks, but it doesn’t seem as important anymore. Yet further proof of importance of pitching.

     Boston University’s wrestling program now has about 10 months left on the calendar. Some bad decisions live in perpetuity.

     If NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL owners and athletes combined forces for gun control, the issue would change. Overnight.

     Next Sunday is Mother’s Day. Special place in heaven for all moms who express joy when their kids give them baseball gloves.

     There is no net gain for the Patriots in Wes Welker’s departure. None.

     Joni Mitchell’s subject in “Raised on Robbery’’ had “A little money riding on the Maple Leafs.’’ Doubtful he collected.

     Keep thinking that a good John Lackey or a bad John Lackey ultimately will decide if the Sox make the playoffs.

     Per Warren Moon: Tim Tebow won’t cut it in CFL. Another country heard from. Bet there’s enough Doug Flutie in Tebow to succeed.

     If the Kentucky Derby got you in the mood, Suffolk Downs’s first live card this year is June 1.

     Great hats are a Derby tradition. I hope a few women at Churchill Downs had the fashion sense to sport the “B Strong’’ logo.

     Community Boating opened enrollment last week for its junior program — the hidden gem within our city’s hidden gem.

     ESPN’s deal with the SEC runs through the year 2034. It’s in writing. Conan O’Brien had a deal like that.

     A bomb-sniffing dog was led through the media workroom at the Garden on Wednesday, prior to Bruins-Leafs. Nothing makes that funny.

     John Farrell and Dick Williams both managed in Toronto the season before they were named Sox skippers.

     NFL talks a lot about providing consumer value. Yet 64 preseason games still talk only of rip-off.

     Price of a scalped ticket to a Blackhawks-Bruins Stanley Cup final would surpass Red Sox prices for ’04 and ’07 World Series.

     Covered last two legs of Alydar/Affirmed 35 years ago, last Triple Crown winner. Grand career lesson in failing to savor the moment.

     Nothing kills a wildlife moment like realizing the cute porcupine ambling through your backyard is the dirty rat who devoured your hemlocks.

    Kevin Paul Dupont’s ‘‘On Second Thought’’ appears on Page 2 of the Sunday Globe Sports section. He can be reached at Follow him on Twitter @GlobeKPD.