Clay Buchholz started at Fenway Park on Monday.
Clay Buchholz started at Fenway Park on Monday. Mattthew J. Lee/Globe Staff

When he was accused of cheating during a start at Toronto last week, Clay Buchholz may have been using sunscreen mixed with rosin on his forearm to get a better grip on the ball, Yahoo! Sports reported Wednesday.

The mixture is part of a trend, Yahoo! reported, among many pitchers in baseball. Buchholz was accused of throwing an illegal pitch by Toronto broadcasters Dirk Hayhurst and Jack Morris.

Buchholz declined to comment to Yahoo! when informed of the story. The Red Sox have yet to issue a comment.

Sunscreen is not banned by Major League Baseball. Buchholz was under scrutiny from umpires and MLB officials when he made his next start Monday.


He has not been disciplined by MLB.

An unnamed pitcher told Yahoo! that the sunscreen/rosin mixture can be very helpful to pitchers as they grip the baseball.

“Sunscreen and rosin could be used as foundation for houses,” the American League pitcher said. “Produces a tack, glue-like substance that engineers would be jealous of.”