Bruins-Rangers playoff history

When the Bruins meet the New York Rangers in the second round of the NHL playoffs, it will mark the first time in 40 years the teams have met in the postseason.

The teams - both Original Six members of the NHL - have met nine times in the playoffs, including twice in the Stanley Cup Finals. The Bruins won both of those matchups, in 1970 and 1929.

Here are the results of the teams’ nine postseason meetings:

1973: Rangers win 4-1, quarterfinals

1972 Bruins win 4-2, Stanley Cup Finals

1970 Bruins win 4-2, quarterfinals

1958 Bruins win 4-2, semifinals

1940 Rangers win 4-2, semifinals


1939 Bruins win, 4-3, semifinals

1929 Bruins win, 2-0, Stanley Cup Finals

1928 Rangers win 5-2, quarterfinals

1927 Bruins win, 3-1 semifinals