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Talking sports, one tweet at a time

General manager Ben Cherington has helped turn around the Red Sox.
Jim Rogash/Getty Images
General manager Ben Cherington has helped turn around the Red Sox.

A midsummer’s tweet tour of some of the things we hold dear, and some of the things we relegate to “Oh, dear!’’

 Year ago, all talk was about Rajon Rondo emerging as Celts new leader. Few followed. Now he’s last man standing.

 It’s almost the All-Star break and it keeps coming back to John Lackey. Of course the stat geeks factored that into the equation in Feb.


 Goaltending is 50 percent of the equation. Until you don’t have it. Then it’s 90 percent of the problem.

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 Touring colleges with son. Impressions: 1. enthusiasm infectious; 2. tuition totally absurd; 3. emphasis on sports ridiculous.

 In terms of lack of appreciation for a job well done, Ben Cherington today is the Patrice Bergeron of Major League Baseball.

 The “C” in Celtics once was synonymous with “championship.” Then it became “competing.” These days it’s just “coping.”

 If you remember Fireball Fred Wenz, then watching the back end of the 2013 Red Sox bullpen is your latter day magical mystery tour.


 Laudable effort, PGA, to cut back length of playing times. Years overdue. Now, any suggestions on how to shorten my “to-do’’ list?

 Of all the Hub’s TV and radio sports talkers, I bet The Eck would win “The Guy I’d Most Like To Have A Beer With’’ contest.

 Nothing really hurts ESPN. But I bet Stanley Cup playoffs embarrassing reminder to many execs that it treated NHL with gross stupidity.

 Serena Can’t Stand Maria. Tiger Totally Despises Sergio. Check your local Fox listings for dates, times of these new fall series.

 The Heat’s drive for a third NBA title is already beyond annoying.


 It is a drag getting old. But each day, if you exercise one minute for every year you’ve lived, it’s far less of a drag. Activate your age.

 Please make note of the following franchise name change: Phoenix Coyotes become the Arizona Wards of the State.

 July 18-20, 27th annual Monster Shark Tournament on Martha’s Vineyard. Richard Dreyfuss throws out first can of sardines. #needbiggerboat

 If Aaron Hernandez is guilty as charged, it’s not about Patriots Way, his hometown or college. It’s solely about evil. His evil.

 NESN cuts ties with Naoko Funayama. In this case, less is not more. She’ll be someone else’s gain. Soon.

 Most of stars did not make it through first week of Wimbledon. Rare. But that’s not parity. It’s just a really bad week in June.

 If there’s an ounce of kid left in you, you’ll find out if you try to hit a wiffle ball before the long holiday weekend comes to a close.

 ICYMI, Brian Cashman really effed up with remarks re: A-Rod tweeting TMI. Wow, ROTFL. Wish Twitter was ’round in Steinbrenner-Martin days.

 When I think perfect mechanics, I think of Andy Pettitte’s delivery and Roger Federer’s one-hand backhand.

 Garnett and Pierce in Brooklyn. We’ll get over it. Like Esposito and Hodge in Manhattan. Probably similar results.

 My first Globe byline 40 years ago this summer. Wrote about Boston Astros and Helio “Boom Boom” Barbosa. #Shouldaknownbetter

 I hear WADA will be called in immediately if the TV ratings for the Tour de France end up anything above the legal blood alcohol limit.

 America’s Cup now is a sport of billionaires whose vessels hover over water. That’s not boating. It’s a late-’60s acid trip. With gin chaser.

 If the NHL insists on not calling icing during a penalty kill, then why not negate all offsides calls, too? Tear. Down. These. Walls.

 Still can’t adjust to watching baseball after two intense months of Stanley Cup. Like going from epic Ben-Hur scene to an Amish buggy race.

 Royal & Ancient and PGA act hand in hand to rid golf of bellyputters. What a regrettable waist of a good club.

 Before Gronk’s chronic injuries became more chronic, and before the cell door slammed on Hernandez, Patriots should have given Welker the money.

 It’s July 7 and the Yankees still haven’t played at Fenway this year. Arguably, they haven’t played anywhere this year.

 Suffolk Downs isn’t a casino yet and may never be a casino. Which is to say you might want to enjoy a day at the races while it’s still possible.

 If Red Sox and Blue Jays somehow meet in the playoffs, I say the Sox trail by three runs in ninth inning of clincher.

 Patriots’ football fortunes began to decline about same time it took a fortune to build Patriot Place. Funny how that happened.

 Blackhawks have Cup, best uniform, and best anthem singer. But I’ll still take Rask over Crawford and Bergeron over Toews.

 Other than his exit, Doc Rivers did everything well during his time in the Hub. Easy to forgive, but not to forget.

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