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How Stan Grossfeld took the iconic Game 2 photo

Stan Grossfeld/Globe Staff/Boston Globe

Many are calling Sunday one of the great days in Boston sports history, and a photograph taken by the Globe’s Stan Grossfeld will surely be one of the lasting images from it.

Grossfeld was one of several photographers at Fenway Park who captured Tigers outfielder Torii Hunter’s plunge over the outfield wall as he tried to track down David Ortiz’s grand slam in the eighth inning of Game 2 of the ALCS. The photo of Hunter’s legs sticking straight up while a police officer stationed in the bullpen raised his arms to cheer the home run has been widely shared across social media and has been the subject of much praise.


“I knew he was going over,” Grossfeld said. “It happened so quick, I was praying the focus was sharp.”

Grossfeld was in the second level at Fenway Park, using an 800-millimeter lens. He’d been focusing on Ortiz’s swing, but when he heard the crack of the bat, he knew it might be gone.

“I swung my camera around, and I thought it was going to go into the crowd at first,” Grossfeld said. “Then I saw the cop standing there, and Hunter was running diagonally toward the bullpen, so I focused there. When I saw him leap, I started firing with the [camera’s] motor drive.”

Grossfeld knew he had a special shot the moment he began reviewing his camera’s memory.

“When I saw it come up on the contact sheet, it just jumped out at me,” he said. “What a relief it was that it was in focus.”

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