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Shane Victorino’s lost wallet is heading home

Shane Victorino fouled off a pitch before striking out in the third inning Saturday. Stan Grossfeld/Globe Staff/Boston Globe

Proof that everything is going the Red Sox’ way these days comes from Shane Victorino and his case of a lost wallet. After the Red Sox defeated the Tampa Bay Rays in the ALDS, Victorino left his wallet on the team’s charter from Tampa Bay to Boston. That plane traveled on to Paris, where a Good Samaritan found Victorino’s wallet and turned it in. Now, the Red Sox outfielder is waiting for French authorities to send back the wallet with the cash, credit cards, and driver’s license he left inside.

“It was bad, my fault that I left it,” said Victorino. “But a very good omen that somebody returned it and reached out and we have it. It’s just a matter of getting it here now. I’m sure it’s not that easy to process because it is in France and you have to ship it over here.”


When asked if he was surprised that the wallet was returned with all its contents, Victorino added: “There’s honest, trustworthy people in this world. It’s just unfortunate that I left it there with all those kind of things in my wallet, but I have a passport so I can get on and off the plane.”