MEN’S SENIOR VETERAN SINGLES I and II, 70 PLUS (8 a.m.): Carlo Zezza looks to retain his over-75 crown while 70-plus defender Henry Hamilton gets a push from newcomers Landon Carter, Geoff Gratwick, and 27-time Head winner Larry Klecatsky, while former septuagenarian kingpin Richard Kendall looks to reclaim his octogenarian crown from Christopher Collins.

WOMEN’S SENIOR VETERAN SINGLES I and II, 70 PLUS and VETERAN SINGLES I and II, 60 PLUS (8:22 a.m.): Two-time victor Susan Kinne is the veteran to beat. Brooke Stevens and Laurette Rindlaub are defending their senior vet titles, while Eve Green owns the over-80 event.

MEN’S VETERAN SINGLES I and II, 60 PLUS (8:53 a.m.): Should be a battle among two-time former champ Richard Anderson, defender Al Flanders, and runner-up Gregg Stone on the younger end, while Michael Tebay looks to repeat among the elders.


GRAND MASTER SINGLES, 50 PLUS (9:22 a.m./9:51 a.m.): Greg Benning, who dethroned two-time titlist Peter MacGowan last year, tries to hold him off, while newcomer Andy Card, Yale’s lightweight coach, is a man to watch. Olympic track medalist Lynn Jennings defends her women’s crown against three-time winner Margarita Jekabsons-Zezza and newbie Saiya Remmler, a five-time champion in the master double.

SENIOR MASTER EIGHTS, 50 PLUS (10:17 a.m./10:34 a.m.): Palm Beach RA, which ended Team Attager’s six-year men’s reign last time, will have to deal with Marin and the California RC, while Marin goes for a third straight women’s crown against former victors Etats Unis RC and 1980 RC.

SENIOR MASTER FOURS, 50 PLUS (10:49 a.m./11:04 a.m.): The 1980 RC tries to roll a seventh straight men’s title while Orleans Sweeps & Sculls looks for a threepeat on the women’s side against Community Rowing and Dresdner Ruderverein, the former master victors.

SENIOR MASTER DOUBLES. 50 PLUS (11:32 a.m./11:51 a.m.): In a men’s event which has produced four titlists in as many years, champs Charles Windeknecht and Marc Daemen will have their hands full with newbies Michael Smith and Dan Gorriaran, who owned the masters race for a decade. Ingeborg Stekl and Frances Tuite gun for their fourth straight on the women’s side, challenged by Linda Muri and C.B. Sands-Bohrer.


SENIOR MASTER SINGLES, 40 PLUS (12:11 p.m./12:33 p.m.): Russ Cone defends against two-time former men’s victor Tom Bohrer and Sean Wolf, while Tina Vandersteel goes after her third victory in four years against two-time runner-up Maureen Harriman and two-time masters winner Lisa Weise.

ALUMNI EIGHTS (12:40 p.m./12:57 p.m.): Northeastern’s men, unbeaten since the inaugural race in 2009, drive for five against Crabtree, Brown, Georgetown, and Harvard, while Michigan’s women take on former champions Brown and Virginia.

CLUB FOURS (1:14 p.m./1:39 p.m.): Union, which claimed its fourth men’s title last year, has to hold off former champ Riverside and University Barge, while TBC Racing looks to become the first women’s crew to repeat against the likes of BU and Union.

CLUB EIGHTS (2:04 p.m./2:20 p.m.): Brown’s men chase their third straight, but six-time winner Harvard and Yale will be obstacles, as will Dutch rival ASR Nereus. With Yale, last year’s winner, now in the championship event, Holy Cross, Alabama, and Riverside are the most prominent women’s contenders.

MASTER FOURS, 40 PLUS (2:37 p.m./2:50 p.m.): Pocock, coming off its first men’s title, has a brace of entries to take on former champ Palm Beach, while Saugatuck’s women defend against previous titlist Potomac and Colorado.


MASTER EIGHTS, 40 PLUS (3:09 p.m./3:22 p.m.): Molesey, which dethroned Kennebecasis as men’s king last year, now goes head to head. while Toronto Sculling bids for its fourth title in five years against former winner BMA Boat Club.

CHAMPIONSHIP DOUBLES (3:35 p.m./3:46 p.m.): With Iztok Cop and Olaf Tufte abdicating, the laurels are up for grabs among Sam Stitt-Matthew Miller and the US lightweight entry of Austin Meyer-Nick Trojan. Austria’s Magdalena Lobnig and Inge Janssen of the Netherlands, who were rivals at the world regatta, will team up to face two London TC entries from the Canadian quad that won silver.

COLLEGIATE FOURS (4:00 p.m/4:14 p.m.): Virginia’s men, the two-time defenders, get a Big Ten challenge from Michigan and Michigan State, while Bowdoin tries to become the first women’s boat to repeat against former champ Washington of St. Louis.

CHAMPIONSHIP SINGLES (4:31 p.m./4:41 p.m.): Norway’s Kjetil Borch, last year’s surprise men’s winner and world doubles champion, will have to withstand partner Nils Hoff plus former champs Mahe Drysdale, the Olympic gold medalist, and Michael Sivigny, as well as US world teamers Steve Whelpley and John Graves, while Gevvie Stone will need to beat Olympic champion Mirka Knapkova, world silver medalist Emma Twigg, US world doubles medalists Kristin Hedstrom and Kate Bertko, and former victor Ursula Grobler to win her fifth women’s crown.


MIXED LEGS/TRUNK/ARMS FOURS (8 a.m.): Old Glory, with world medalist Natalie McCarthy, takes on Capital RC, which won the first two editions, plus Community Rowing and Balmain RC of Sydney.


MIXED SAME GENDER TRUNK/ARMS DOUBLES (8:17 a.m.): With defending champion Louisville absent, Medstar NRH is the favorite, pressed by Community Rowing.

CLUB SINGLES (8:39 a.m./9:04 a.m.): Every year, a new pair of champions. With men’s titlist Adam Bliss rowing the lightweight event, Anton Hoffman, Bob Mannino, and Ole Koerner are possible successors. Erica Stieve-Caldwell, last year’s master victor, will be pushed by Lib Diamond and Michelle Prince.

YOUTH SINGLES (8:39 a.m./9:04 a.m.): Matthew Scholl and Lakin Vitton are the boys to beat in this newly created race, while Adrienna Bielawski and sisters Mary and Claire Campbell are the girls to watch.

YOUTH FOURS (9:26 a.m./12:25 p.m.): Sarasota’s boys shoot for three in a row with four-time former champions St. Catharines of Canada, Upper Canada. Royal Shrewsbury School and Norcal the most notable obstacles. No girls’ titlist has repeated since Princeton in 2004. Marina Aquatic Center hopes to be the first, with a nudge from former victor South Niagara, Pangbourne Nautics, and Winsor.

YOUTH EIGHTS (10:24 a.m./1:22 p.m.): Marin’s young squires go for four in a row, last managed by Charles River RA a dozen years ago. Saratoga Springs’ girls, who dethroned Oakland Strokes last year, will confront them as well as six-time champion Community Rowing, Putney, and Lake Oswego.

MASTER SINGLES (10:53 a.m./11:05 a.m.): Matt McCarthy from the Peterborough RC chases his third straight men’s laurels, last achieved by Russell Cone in 2005. Richard Montgomery, the three-time lightweight victor, and Peter Morelli will be in pursuit. With last year’s champ Erica Stieve-Caldwell elsewhere, it’s a tussle among Dutch sculler Monika Manios, Riverside’s Alexis Sneff and Sarah White, and Narragansett’s Bryna McConarty.


YOUTH DOUBLES (11:24 a.m./11:40 a.m.): Narragansett’s boys’ defenders will be pushed by St. Catharines and Skyline Crew, while Elizabeth Sharis and Cecily Madden of the Cambridge BC hope to repeat on the girls’ side with a couple of Saugatuck rivals in pursuit.

LIGHTWEIGHT SINGLES (11:59 a.m./12:10 p.m.): Malta’s David Smith, bidding to be the first defending men’s champion to repeat in six years, will contend with Fredericton’s Adam Bliss, last year’s club champ, plus Craftsbury’s Hugh McAdam. With two-time champion and world silver doubles medalist Kristin Hedstrom opting to row in the championship event, the women’s race is up for grabs among Vesper’s Mary Jones, St. Catharines’ Lindsay Sferrazza and Erin Snelgrove and Riverside’s Laurissa Gulich and Lauren Ayers.

MASTER DOUBLES, 40 PLUS (2:01 p.m./2:13 p.m.): With eight-time men’s champions Michael Smith and Dan Gorriaran now among the senior set, Finbarr McCarthy and James Dundon, last year’s runners-up, are heirs apparent while Olympians Cindy Matthes and Mary Mazzio defend their women’s crown.

CHAMPIONSHIP FOURS (2:31 p.m./2:39 p.m.): Uncle Sam brought a contender this time, which means trouble for defending men’s champion Stanford, two-time titlist Wisconsin, and Washington. The US Rowing entry will be favored to reclaim the crown it has worn, by one name or another, 10 times since 1997. With defending women’s champion Rowing Canada opting out, it will be a battle among two US Rowing boats, former champion Vesper and Yale.

CHAMPIONSHIP EIGHTS (2:54 p.m./3:06 p.m.): No domestic men’s college crew has repeated since Navy in 1983, but Washington, which has won two of the last three titles as well as last season’s national championship, has a fighting chance against former champion Harvard, arch-rival Cal-Berkeley, the French world crew split between two boats and a brace of Dutch entries, as well as Melbourne University. The best boat in the field is US Rowing, which includes multiple members of the world bronze-medal crew, but it’s starting 26th in the wake of last year’s penalty-laden finish. The American women, who’ve ruled the planet for eight years, brought their A team this time, but to keep their title they’ll have to outrow the global all-star bunch of Olympians (Cambridge BC) stroked by former seatmate Elle Logan, as well as Virginia’s former national champions.

COLLEGIATE EIGHTS (3:41 p.m./3:59 p.m.): Virginia, which won its first men’s title last year, will be up against three-time winners Williams and Trinity, as well as Michigan, Dad Vail champ Drexel, and a couple of English rivals. Trinity’s women, meanwhile, will be bidding for their fourth crown in nine years with three-time former champion Williams, Dad Vail winner Grand Valley State, and Bates in the chase.

LIGHTWEIGHT FOURS (4:14 p.m./4:22 p.m.): The New York AC goes for a men’s trifecta with former champion Yale, Henley finalist Harvard, and Club d’aviron de Boucherville in the mix. Western University, the defending women’s quartet, will be pressured by Ontario rivals from the University of Toronto and Ottawa RC.

LIGHTWEIGHT EIGHTS (4:38 p.m./4:46 p.m.): Harvard and its Radcliffe counterpart hit the daily double for the first time last year and will be the boats to beat again on their home waters. The men will be up against familiar foes in Princeton, Yale, MIT, Cornell, and Navy while the women will face national champion Stanford, Minerva, Wisconsin, Princeton, and Vesper.


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