Info on upcoming football playoffs

For both playoff qualifiers and non-qualifiers, there’s plenty to know about the weeks ahead. Here are a few of the important items:

 If you enjoyed Sunday’s announcement of the November schedule, stick around. The MIAA will repeat the process next Sunday for both the playoff teams and non-qualifiers. While opponents will be known after the results, exact day and times will not.

 All sectional tournament games will be at the higher seed. That means the next three weeks all games will be at the team with highest power rating, assuming the facilities of the higher seed are suitable.


 All sectional tournament games will be played with 11-minute quarters.

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 If a tournament game ends in a tie, both teams will get an offensive series beginning at the 10-yard line. Any team that scores a touchdown must attempt a 2-point conversion.

 Ticket prices are set by the home team for the first two rounds.

 Next weekend’s playoff losers will meet in Week 2, which means there will be three branches to the November schedule: 1. Playoffs; 2. Playoff losers; 3. Non-qualifiers.

 If you enjoy timeouts, you’ll love the playoffs. Each team gets five timeouts per half. The number drops to three at Gillette Stadium.


 And if you have any other questions be sure to check out the 2013 Football Tournament Format on the MIAA website. We don’t go anywhere without our copy.