MVP contenders for new NBA season

1. LeBron James, Heat: His name will be here for the next five years at least and he already has taken home four MVPs. Pushing the Heat to a third consecutive title may be his greatest feat because the roster around him is aging. He is unquestionably the most talented player in the league and if he carries the Heat again, this should be his award.

2. Paul George, Pacers: The Pacers are the trendy pick to knock off the Heat and reach the NBA Finals behind the multitalented George, who just signed a five-year contract extension and has unseated Danny Granger as the franchise player. He is capable of scoring, defending, and distributing. He could be a great one.

3. Derrick Rose, Bulls: If there’s anyone who could take the MVP after missing the previous season with a knee injury, it’s Rose. He’s worked feverishly to return to form and has looked remarkable so far in the preseason. If the Bulls reach the Finals, look for Rose to get an MVP for his efforts.