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Bill Belichick warns Patriots about marijuana in Denver

FOXBOROUGH -- With Colorado recently legalizing the recreational use of marijuana, Patriots coach Bill Belichick and some of his players were asked about the temptation that might exist with the team’s weekend trip to Denver for the AFC Championship game.

Because of the time zone and altitude difference, the Patriots were scheduled to fly to Denver on Friday afternoon, after the week’s final practice.

“It’s a business trip. Nobody is going to care about that,” LeGarrette Blount said. “Bill told us about it, he basically told us, ‘Don’t go out there and be stupid.’ [That’s] really good advice.”

Belichick did not seem thrilled to be asked about marijuana in Denver. “I think we know what the NFL policy is on that,” he said, before directing the questioner to take the matter up with the league.


Tom Brady was another player who was asked if he thought he or any of his teammates would be tempted to smoke.

“Hopefully not,” Brady said. “This is a very important game for us and it’s a business trip.”