Patriots fans show off team spirit

These Patriots aficionados demonstrate their loyalty through various rituals and home decor.

All photos were provided by the fans.

Don’t move

Superstitious Katherine McCord of Boston stays in the spot where she was standing when the team scores, and avoids parts of the city she considers unlucky for sports.

The rules of the relationship

Jimmy Vanaria, pictured with his girlfriend Adrienne Steinhoff, has to sit in the same seat for every game. He sends Steinhoff a text message before each game starts that she can’t respond to, or it’s bad luck. He won’t wear anything with a Patriots logo on it during the game — unless of course they are losing and then he’ll go and change his clothes. After anything good happens for the Patriots, such as first downs and touchdowns, Vanaria claps 11 times in a row and then gets up and fist bumps everyone in the room, in the same order, and only once, except for Steinhoff, whom he’ll fist bump three times. At halftime, he goes outside, regardless of the weather, to throw the football around or it’s bad luck.


Home art

Myke Furhman has this oil-on-canvas portrait by Quincy artist Kacee Evitts hanging above his mantel at his Connecticut home. Called “Patriot Man,” it depicts Furhman tailgating prior to the subzero home playoff win against the Denver Broncos in January 2012.

Dress up

The tailgate display of Stan Kelly of Concord, N.H., always includes cutouts of Danica Patrick, Mini Me, and Chucky the doll, as well as Patriots wear.