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Key figures in the BC point shaving scandal

A look at who the key figures were in the Boston College point shaving scandal:

Rick Kuhn

Kuhn was a BC player at the center of the controversy. He recruited teammates Ernie Cobb and Jim Sweeney into the ring, after becoming connected with ex-convicts Paul Mazzei and Henry Hill. Kuhn was convicted for his role in the scheme and now lives in southwest Pennsylvania.

Laura Segall for the Boston Globe

Ernie Cobb

A BC captain, Cobb was implicated in the scheme but denies fixing games. He now coaches high school basketball in Arizona. Was acquitted of sports bribery charges.

Brian Blanco for the Boston Globe

Jim Sweeney

Also a BC captain, Sweeney claims he reluctantly agreed to be recruited into the scheme. Acknowledged taking $500 from conspirators, but claimed he acted under duress and was never charged.


Paul Mazzei

Ex-convict at center of scheme, was connected to Kuhn by one of the player’s high school friends. He also connected with Hill to power the ring.


Henry Hill

Self-described “Boston College basketball fixer,” he confessed the conspiracy to agents investigating the signature crime of his mob crew, the Lufthansa heist immortalized in “Goodfellas.” Recruited into scheme by Mazzei.

Edward McDonald

Federal prosecutor who investigated the case and BC graduate.