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University of Connecticut coaching legend Jim Calhoun made it clear on Tuesday that he doesn’t have his eyes on the Boston College head coaching job that became available after the firing of Steve Donahue a week ago.

In an interview with Sirius XM’s Mad Dog Radio, Calhoun was asked about the Eagles job.

He responded, “No, I’m not interested.”

Calhoun, 71, was initially linked to the BC opening a week ago when ESPN reported he would be interested in returning to coaching after leaving his post at UConn in 2012 after 16 years because of health issues. While he never spoke specifically about the BC job, Calhoun told ESPN, “I would not be opposed to talking to anyone about basketball.”


In the radio interview, he explained what happened.

“What happened is that when good friend [ESPN analyst] Doris Burke and then [ESPN reporter] Andy Katz came over and they started talking, ‘Would you ever do it?’ ‘Yeah, I would,’ ” Calhoun said. “I would think about coaching, but it has to be the perfect situation.

“I don’t have to go hunting for a job. That’s not really what I’m desiring to do. But if something special came along, I feel I still have enough zip, power, and certainly love for the game, love for competition, that I’d do it.

“But it’d have to be the right situation for me and for that school. At this particular point, I just don’t know if I would find the answer at Boston College. Nothing against Boston College, it’s a great school, it’s a terrific a school in what will be, in my opinion, the best basketball conference in America.

“You add [Pittsburgh coach] Jamie Dixon, which you just did. You’re going to be adding [Louisville coach] Rick Pitino, you’ve got [North Carolina coach] Roy Williams and [Duke coach] Mike Krzyzewski.


“Great, great thing and I’m sure they’ll do very well, but for me it’s just not going to . . . I have not talked to the people at BC.’’

Calhoun, who is a Braintree native and former Northeastern coach, said BC has not reached out to him, either.

“BC has not talked to me,” Calhoun said. “You could imagine that with all my Boston ties a lot of people have called me. That’s kind of a normal thing, that happens with folks.

“I will never say never because I love the game and the right situation for me and for the school I would think about. But at this point I’m not interested.”

Julian Benbow can be reached at jbenbow@globe.com.