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Xander Bogaerts takes responsibility for Twitter flub

Xander Bogaerts was congratulated after his sixth inning home run Thursday. Paul Beaty/AP

CHICAGO -- Rookie shortstop Xander Bogaerts deleted his Twitter account early Thursday morning after he accidentally posted a photograph of a scantily clad young woman to his 40,000 followers.

Bogaerts, who at 21 is the second-youngest player in the majors, said the post was unintentional and a friend called to tell him what had happened.

“Once I found out, I had to do the right thing and correct it. One thing’s for sure: I don’t want any distraction on the team or for me,” Bogaerts said. “No one’s perfect, you know? Be a man and just face the situation. Once I found out, I took it out.”


Manager John Farrell met with Bogaerts to discuss the situation.

“This is an isolated incident,” the manager said. “He’s learned from it. Obviously he’s acknowledged an unfortunate situation, a mistake, and he’s taken steps to rectify it by shutting down the account.”

The Red Sox discuss social media etiquette with their players during spring training for just this reason.

“This is one of the pitfalls of social media,” Farrell said. “I think the most important thing is Xander’s acknowledged it and learned from it and we move on.”

Although he was not a regular user before his flub, Bogaerts said he would consider returning to Twitter.

“Why not? It was a mistake. Everyone learns from their mistakes,” he said.